BJP don’t needs friends : Thakrey



In a jolt to its ally Shiv Sena, the BJP on Thursday won the bypoll to Maharashtra’s Palghar Lok Sabha seat by defeating the candidate of the Uddhav Thackeray-led party by 29,572 votes.

BJP’s Rajendra Gavit polled 2,72,782 votes against 2,43,210 by Shrinivas Wanaga of Sena.

Addressing a presser just after bypoll results here, Sena chief hit out at the BJP saying though it has won the byelections but the victory margin of the saffron party has reduced and 60 per cent of the voters have rejected it.

“When the BJP won the Palghar Lok Sabha seat in 2014, the victory margin was of lakhs of votes. Today, they barely managed to win by a few thousand votes,” Thackeray told reporters here, after his party’s candidate lost the Palghar Lok Sabha bypoll.

“Out of over 8 lakh people who voted in Palghar, over 6 lakh rejected the BJP,” he said.

Before the press meet, there emerged reports that the Sena chief might ask his ministers to resign from the Devendra Fadnavis-led Shiv Sena-BJP coalition government in Maharashtra. However, Thackeray refrained from commenting over it.

He, however, said the BJP doesn’t need friends. Reacting to which, Fadnavis said as the elections are over, Sena should not talk about the past. The chief minister said the BJP is always for an alliance, but it’s upon Sena to decide.

Thackeray also launched an attack on BJP leader and Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath, who campaigned for the saffron party in Palghar.

Referring to BJP’s defeat in bypolls in past and on Thursday, he said: “Yogi Adityanath is losing in his own state and he is coming to campaign here (in Maharashtra). Janta ne Yogi ji ki masti utaar di hai.”

Last week, Thackeray had slammed Adityanath for not removing his footwear while garlanding a photo of Shivaji. In Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamana, he said he felt like hitting Adityanath with his own footwear.

Both BJP and Sena were involved in an ugly war of words during the campaigning for the Palghar Lok Sabha bypoll.

CWG gold medallist Sanjita Chanu fails dope test, provisionally suspended



Two-time Commonwealth Games champion weightlifter Sanjita Chanu has tested positive for a banned anabolic steroid and she has been provisionally suspended, the international federation said on Thursday.

International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) said on its website that Sanjita, who had won a gold in the women’s 53kg category in the recent Gold Coast CWG, has tested positive for testosterone.

“IWF reports that the sample of Ms. Sanjita Chanu Khumukcham (IND) has returned an Adverse Analytical Finding for Testosterone (S1.1 Anabolic Agents). As a consequence, the Athlete is provisionally suspended in view of a potential anti-doping rule violation,” IWF stated.

“In any case where it is determined that the Athlete did not commit an anti-doping rule violation, the relevant decision will also be published,” the IWF added.

The IWF did not give details, such as the dates, of the dope test sample collection, saying “it will not make any further comments on the case until it is closed”.

Sanjita had taken part in the 53kg class in the World Championship in Anaheim (US) in November last year, finishing 13th with a total lift of 177kg.

She lifted a total of 192kg top win the gold in 53kg in Gold Coast. She had also won a gold in the 48kg category in the 2014 CWG in Glasgow.

Shiv Sena on Thursday said that they have no issues with former President Pranab Mukherjee accepting the RSS invitation



May 31, 2018  

The Shiv Sena on Thursday said that the party has no issues with former President Pranab Mukherjee accepting the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) invitation for an event in Nagpur, adding that there shouldn’t be any controversy around it.
“Congress’ Mani Shankar Aiyar earlier went to Pakistan and spoke to anti-India outfits. Other Congress members have also talked to outfits like Hurriyat. One may have ideological differences with RSS, but it is a nationalist organisation. If they invite the former President, there should be no controversy around it,” Shiv Sena spokesperson Sanjay Raut told ANI.
RSS has contributed towards the welfare of the society. So, these discussions have no meaning,” Raut added.
His comments come after Congress leaders Ramesh Chennithala and C. K. Jaffer Sharief wrote to Pranab Mukherjee requesting him to refrain from attending the RSSevent scheduled later this month.
Congress leader P Chidambaram also requested him to enlighten the RSS on what is wrong with their ideology.
“Now that he (Pranab Mukherjee) has accepted the invitation, there is no point debating why he accepted it. A more important thing to say is, sir you have accepted the invitation, please go there and tell them what is wrong with their ideology,” Chidambaram said at an event in Delhi.
The former President will address the Third Year Sangha Shiksha Varga (SSV) on June 7, which is held annually at the RSS headquarters in Nagpur.

करनाल में हुए हादसे में एक ही परिवार के 5 लोग मरे गए


बुटाना थाना के ऐरिया मै NH1 पर समाना गाँव के नजदीक एक कार HR 54 D-5199 स्वीफट कार मै सवार एक ही परिवार के 5सदस्याें की माैका पर ही दुर्घटना मै माैत हाे गई दुर्धटना ट्रक के साथ टकराने से हुई ट्रक का नम्बर HP 12A -9573 मरने वालाे की पहचान जाेगिन्दर 50 साल वासी दरियापुर बिलासपुर, जाेगिन्दर की पत्नी रजवन्त कौर  50साल, बेटी मनिदर काैर 21 साल, दमाद हरविन्दर सिह 21/22 साल आैर जाेगिन्दर की साली जसविन्दर काैर 45 साल हुई है पुलिस दवारा सभी काे हस्पताल पहुचा दिया है

कोर्ट द्वारा हुड्डा सरकार की भर्तियाँ रद्द


पंजाब व हरियाणा हाईकोर्ट ने गुरुवार को हुड्डा सरकार द्वारा कच्चे कर्मचारियों को रेगुलर करने के लिए वर्ष 2014 में बनाई गई सभी रेगुलराइजेशन पॉलिसियों को रद्द कर दिया है।

हाई कोर्ट के इस आदेश से वो सभी कर्मचारी प्रभावित होंगे, जो इस नीति के तहत पक्के किये गए थे। साथ ही अब मोजूदा सरकार किसी भी कच्चे कर्मचारी को पक्का भी नहीं कर पाएगी।

इसके अलावा बुरी खबर ये है कि इस नीति के तहत पक्के किए गए कर्मचारी एक बार फिर कच्चे कर्मचारी बन जायेंगे या उनकी सेवाएं ही  समाप्त कर दी जाएंगी। इसके साथ ही हाईकोर्ट ने अगले छह महीने के भीतर नियमित भर्ती करने का आदेश दिया है।

हाईकोर्ट के इस आदेश से हरियाणा सरकार के साथ-साथ पक्का होने  के लिए बार-बार आंदोलन कर रहे कच्चे कर्मचारियों की भी मुश्किलें बढ़ गई हैं। क्योंकि अब सरकार किसी भी कच्चे कर्मचारी को रेगुलर नहीं कर सकेगी।

गौरतलब है कि इस मामले में योगेश त्यागी, अंकुर छाबड़ा, अनिल कुमार सहित अनेक योग्य युवाओं ने सरकार की इन रेगुलराइजेशन नीतियों को संविधान की धारा 14 और 16 का उल्लंघन बताया था। साथ ही उमा देवी केस में सुप्रीम कोर्ट द्वारा दिए गए फैसले को आधार बना कर वर्ष 2014 में हाईकोर्ट में चुनौती भी दी थी।

याचिकाकर्ताओं की ओर से अधिवक्ता अनुराग गोयल ने बेंच के सामने बहस करते हुए इन पॉलिसियों को सुप्रीम कोर्ट के उमा देवी व अन्य फैसलों के खिलाफ बताया व तमाम तथ्य रखे। साथ ही इन सभी रेगुलराइजेशन पॉलिसियों को अवैध बताते हुए इनको रद्द करने की मांग की थी। बहरहाल हाईकोर्ट के आदेश से हरियाणा के जो कर्मचारी इस फैसले से प्रभावित होंगे उनको नियमित भर्ती में केवल आयु की छूट दी जाएगी।

Police File


DATED : 31.05.2018


One arrested for consuming liquor at public place

A case U/S 68-1(B) Punjab Police Act 2007 & 510 IPC has been registered in PS-36, Chandigarh against one person who was arrested near Attawa, Chandigarh while consuming liquor at public place. He later on bailed out. Investigation of the case is in progress. This drive will be continuing in future, the general public is requested for not breaking the law.


A case FIR No. 115, U/S 420, 467, 468, 470, 473, 120-B, 511 IPC has been registered in PS-03, Chandigarh on the complaint of Sh. Rakesh Bhandhari, Deputy Secretary, Punjab Raj Bhawan, Chandigarh against unknown person regarding fake appointment letter issued in the name of office of the Secretary to Governor, Punjab.  Investigation of the case is in progress.

A case FIR No. 175, U/S 420, 120-B IPC & 66, 66-C, 66-D IT Act 2000 has been registered in PS-26, Chandigarh on the complaint of Arvind Gopal, Microsoft Corporation Pvt. Ltd, # 807, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi who alleged that Kunal Bansal, Mohit Bansal and Amanpreet R/o SCO No. 2-A, First Floor, Sector-7/C, Chandigarh are running companies M/s Geeks Technical Solution Pvt. Ltd. and M/S Mark Software System Pvt. Limited indulging in unlawful activity of misrepresenting themselves being associated with the complainant’s company Microsoft Corp Ltd. and extracting money from public persons in the name of complainant’s company.

MV Theft

Sh. Devinder Kumar R/o # 17, M.S. Enclave, Dhakouli, Zirakpur, Distt. Mohali (PB), reported that unknown person stolen away car No. PB-70A-0662 from B-Block, PGI, Chandigarh on 30.05.2018. A case FIR No. 171, U/S 379 IPC has been registered in PS-11, Chandigarh. Investigation of the case is in progress.

Sh. Surinder R/o # 224, Block ‘C’, Colony No. 4, Chandigarh reported that unknown person stolen away Splendor M/Cycle No. CH-04H-1444 while parked near his residence on 27-05-2018. A case FIR No. 163, U/S 379 IPC has been registered in PS-Ind. Area, Chandigarh. Investigation of the case is in progress.

Sh. Tejbir Singh R/o # 2327, Block No. 29, Sector-63, Chandigarh reported that unknown person stolen away his Bullet M/Cycle No. HR-54-9529 while parked near his residence. A case FIR No. 102, U/S 379 IPC has been registered in PS-49, Chandigarh. Investigation of the case is in progress.


        A person resident of Sanjay Labour Colony, Ind. Area, Chandigarh reported that his son age about 13 years has been missing/abducted from his residence since 29.05.2018. A case FIR No. 164, U/S 363 IPC has been registered in PS-Ind. Area, Chandigarh. Investigation of the case is in progress.


Sh. Satish Kumar R/o # 477, Village Mauli Jagran, Chandigarh reported that unknown person stolen away cash Rs. 42,000/- from his house on night intervening 29/30-05-2018. A case FIR No. 149, U/S 380 IPC has been registered in PS-Mauli Jagran, Chandigarh. Investigation of the case is in progress.

Sh. Amrik Singh R/o # 90, Daddu Majra, Chandigarh alleged that his son namely Gurwinder @ Gaggi stolen away gold & silver jewelry and cash Rs. 20,000/- from his residence on 27-05-2018. A case FIR No. 131, U/S 380 IPC has been registered in PS-Maloya, Chandigarh. Investigation of the case is in progress.


A case FIR No. 249, U/S 147, 148, 149, 323, 452, 427, 354, 354-A, 506 IPC has been registered in PS-31, Chandigarh on the complaint of Rishi Pal R/o # 1331, Ph-1, Ram DarbarChandigarh who alleged that Sahil, Kaka, Rocky, Gora, Mohit, Mota Karan, Guli and other, attacked on complainant and his family members and also molested his daughter near his residence on 29.05.2018. Later, Sahil R/o # 920, Ph-1, Ram Darbar and Subham R/o # 1055, Ph-1, Ram Darbar, Chandigarh have been arrested in this case. Investigation of the case is in progress.

NCERT’s Unni-Munni change political beliefs: From criticism to idolization

It is only natural for governments to exercise some control on the narrative in academic textbooks, partly to ensure positive national sentiment.

But it is concerning when dissent is actively discouraged.

NCERT‘s recent changes are only testament to this fact: its tone has undergone a shocking change, going from criticism to subservient adulation.

But the way it’s going, states might beat NCERT to it.

HC questions Punjab over Guriqbal’s Degree

CHANDIGARH: The appointment of former Punjab chief minister (CM), Beant Singh’s grandson, Guriqbal Singh as a deputy superintendent of police on the basis of graduation degree obtained through distance mode, has come under scanner of the Punjab and Haryana high court, which on Wednesday issued notice to the state government.
The main allegations are that a substantial number of employees in Punjab government are not being regularized on ground that they had obtained degrees through distance education from universities situated outside the state.

However, Guriqbal Singh, who has procured a degree from Pariyar University through distance education, was appointed on DSP’s post.

Besides the state government, the HC has also asked Guriqbal Singh to file his response on the contentions raised by the petitioners.

Justice Rakesh Kumar Jain has issued the notice after hearing a petition filed by Gurvinder Rattan, a contract teacher of Sangrur district.

The petitioner has stated that through an order, issued on June 23, 2015 by DPI (Secondary Education), his continuation in service as Vocational Master (Computer Science) was made subject to authenticity of his master degree obtained through distance education from Madurai Kamraj University, by a Committee headed by the Chief Secretary, Punjab. The committee is yet to decide the fate of such degrees.

He also referred to fate of 192 Clerks, who were not allowed to join on the post on selection, as they had acquired their degrees through distance education from universities situated outside Punjab. Likewise, in many other cases, the concerned candidates were denied the benefit of such degrees obtained through distance education, argued the petitioner.

Petitioner further stated that B.Com degree was obtained by Guriqbal Singh from Paryiar University (Tamil Nadu) through distance education but without waiting for report of chief secretary’s committee, he was appointed as DSP on June 7, 2017.

The Counsel for petitioner, H C Arora argued that the conduct of the state government is discriminatory and against the dictum that all are equal before law.

“In the case of powerful and political persons like Guriqbal Singh, the education qualifications/ Degrees acquired through distance education mode are being accepted, while such degrees are not being entertained in case of other candidates of Punjab. The respondents are therefore, liable to be directed to adopt uniform approach in case of all citizens irrespective of their social or political status and in case the degrees obtained through education mode are not to be accepted, Guriqbal Singh should also be removed from DSP’s post,” counsel has submitted.

BJP concedes defeat as united Opposition trumps party

Kairana bypolls: The battle for Kairana was expected to be a close contest between Bharatiya Janata Party’s Mriganka Singh and Rashtriya Lok Dal’s Tabassum Hasan. However, after a tough fight that the initial trends indicated, Hasan took a massive lead of over 50,000 votes handing BJP its third loss in the state this year after the defeat in Gorakhpur and Phulpur bypolls.

Talking about her win, Tabassum said that this will clear the path to a win for the united opposition in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. “This is the victory of truth. I still stand by what I said, there has been a conspiracy and we do not want any future elections to be conducted on EVM machines. The path for united opposition is clear in 2019,” she said, while adding that the people of Kairana have buried BJP.

She added that the margin of victory would have been bigger EVMs didn’t falter. She said that this will be a victory of truth over lies. “Our margins would have been greater if the EVMs didn’t falter. Repolling also helped us by 20,000 votes. This will be a victory of truth over lies — our truth versus their 4 years of lies. All parties coming together for the people worked,” Hasan added.

Tabassum Hasan had contested for the first time in 2009 Lok Sabha election on a BSP ticket, months after losing her husband in a car crash in Haryana. Her husband Munawwar Hasan was a popular leader in Kairana and had an intense rivalry with Hukum Singh.

In 2014, the 47-year-old leader stepped aside, allowing her son Nahid to contest the election on a Samajwadi Party ticket against Hukum Singh. However, Hukum Singh won the election riding on the ‘Modi wave’ as BJP got a historic mandate.

Tabassum had her revenge in the ensuing Assembly bypoll, which Hukum Singh had vacated as Nahid became the SP MLA by beating Hukum Singh’s nephew Anil Chauhan. He won the seat again in 2017, this time against Hukum Singh’s daughter Mriganka.

The Kairana seat fell vacant after the death of Hukum Singh, whose daughter Mriganka Singh was the BJP candidate. Meanwhile, Tabassum Hasan was supported by the Congress, the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party.

The Kairana bye-election is the fourth Lok Sabha bypolls in the state since 2014. Apart from Gorakhpur and Phulpur, a bye-election was also held in Mainpuri in 2014.

Easy victory for Shahnawaz Alam

Thwarting JDU in Bihar’s Jokihat assembly constituency, Lalu Prasad Yadav’s party Rashtriya Janta Dal registered a comfortable victory.

RJD candidate Shahnawaz Alam won the Jokihat assembly by-poll with a margin of 41,224 votes.

Tejashwi Yadav on the occasion said  “JDU fielded a candidate who was accused of rape and theft both. This is people’s response to Nitish Kumar’s insult to their mandate. He deserted the grand alliance that was elected to power and went to side with BJP instead, this is people’s answer to that.”

“Those who talk big about the face value and charisma of Nitish Kumar, they should know that only 499 votes went in JDU’s coffer this time.  Nitish has lost three by-polls ever since he has sided with BJP,” he said.

After 10 rounds of the ongoing ballot counting, Shahnawaz Alam had established the comfortable lead over Janata Dal-United’s Murshid Alam.

The Jokihat seat fell vacant following the resignation of JD-U MLA Sarfaraz Alam, who joined the RJD.

Apart from RJD and JDU candidates, a third Independent candidate Mohammad Shabbir is also in the fray.

Voting for the seat took place on Monday.
The JD-U was backed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), while the RJD had the support of the Congress and Hindustani Awam Morcha (Secular) of former Chief Minister of Jitan Ram Manjhi.

Jokihat is a Muslim-dominated Assembly constituency, considered stronghold of former Union Minister and Shahnawaz Alam’s father Mohammad Taslimuddin, who died last year leading to bypolls in Araria Lok Sabha seat.