Odisha Congress released a letter seeking appointment from PM

The Congress MLAs of Odisha and the lone MP have sought an appointment with PM Narendra Modi to remind him of his unfulfilled promise of establishing a super specialty hospital at Rourkela and also present a cheque of Rs 21 lakh as a token contribution towards the “promised “ project.

Clearly aiming to embarrass the PM and the BJP, the Congress leader of opposition in the Odisha assembly Mr Narasingha Mishra, MP Mr Ranjib Biswal, party chief whip Taraprasad Bahinipati held a press conference on Monday and released their letter to the PM seeking an appointment.

If a common man of Rourkela Mr M Biswal walked over 1300 km to reach New Delhi and remind the PM of his unkept promise made in April 2015, it is only proper for us to take up the issue, said Mishra.

He pointed out that Biswal, a youth who has no political links had walked all the way to Delhi to meet the PM and remind him of his promise. He even sought help from a union minister who spurned him. Finally he sat on dharna but was denied permission by Delhi police.

Mishra said the BJP led government at the centre cares two hoots to democracy and democratic forms of protest. They ( the BJP) indulges in empty rhetoric and falsehood but when a PM with all his oratory makes false promises, people have a right to remind and show him to mirror, charged Mishra.

The Congress noted that even BJP MLA of Rourekla Dilip Ray had repeatedly expressed his anguish over the fact that promised projects like the hospital and second bridge over Brahamni river have not been fulfilled. It was Ray who had raised the matter after his repeated tireless efforts by meeting the PM and other central ministers failed to get things moving, stated Mishra.

Mishra rubbed it further in by pointing out that PM Modi did not give an appointment to the a committee of the Odisha assembly headed by the Speaker to raise farmer related issues.

The assembly wrote several letters but there was no reply from the PM, he charged.

Such behavior is nothing short of an insult to the people of Odisha, contended Mishra. The utter disregard for democracy, institutions and norms is evident, he remarked.

Replying to questions, Mishra dared those in the BJP who claim that Rs 200 crore has been provided for the super speciality hospital project to furnish relevant documents. Who sanctioned the funds and to whom, he questioned while adding that this was another bluff by the BJP.

In another statement OPCC chief Niranjan Patnaik denounced the BJP led NDA government for having failed on sevral counts. Modi government promised power supply to every village and every household. But a week ago , a joint secretary in Power Ministry, made it clear that govt. is only responsible for infrastructure, it can not guarantee uninterrupted power supply.

The BJP government in Chhattisgarh constructed unauthorised barrage over river Mahanadi and Odisha remained dry in summer. Now they are constructing barrage on river Tel, the major tributary of Mahanadi.

The Govt at centre is helping Chhattisgarh to do so, he alleged. Demonetisation was imposed to flush out black money and now it is revealed that after demonetisation Rs 7000 crores have been deposited in Swiss Bank.

The BJP has realised that its bluff has been called in states where it is in power and hence it is trying to focus on states like Odisha where it has never been in power on its own and party president Amit Saha is frequenting states like Odisha, West Bengal. Apparently, the BJP feels it is easier to take people for a ride in states for the first time, chided the OPCC chief.

HMT Bachao Sangharsh Samiti to hold Dharna Tomorrow


Panchkula, july 2
“HMT Bachao Sangharsh Samiti will hold Dharna tomorrow at HMT gate to oppose the policies on closure of Public Sector Units in Nov 2016,” stated the Convenor of Samiti and Former chairman of Govt. Of Haryana, Vijay Bansal.
Bansal told that local residents, retired staff, congress and other parties also likely to join the protest.
He further told that BJP led government is mocking its own make in India campaign by introducing the closure policy .
Refering to the closure orders of Aurangabad Unit of HMT during Vajpayee government told the media persons that the then Industry Minister from Shiv Sena stood against the closure and consequently the unit is still working in profits.

HMT employees union leaders who initiated the plea in Punjab and Haryana High court Mr Rambir, and Samay Singh also apprehended the closure of HMT machine tools Pinjore.
Mr Naresh Maan a local Congress leader and former councilor calls this policy a black blot on the Bjp.

Vijay Bansal alleged the management for discriminating the units in North India.The head office of HMT is in the southand the management disburse all the funds to them neglecting the Pinjore unit.
Bansal informed that in 1962, the United Punjab State Government had acquired 4062 bigha for HMT, 18 Biswas,20 lakhs 33 thousand 422 rupees, but provided free donations to the HMT company whose gift deed was taken on August 25, 1962 which clearly states that company cannot sell or donate land to anyone without the permission of state government, it cannot transfer to anyone .
The real owner of the land is state government.
Bansal demands that the apple market should not be shifted to Pinjore from Panchkula as it will be of no use to youth or local residents. Haryana will not be benefitted from this market as there is no market fee on apple .
He advised the present government to act wisely and not to ignore welfare of people.

We are not averse to forming a coalition government with the CPM in the state: Mishra


Being pushed to the margins, the West Bengal Congress unit has sent a report to the AICC proposing a 21-step approach to defeat the “TMC-BJP nexus” in the state, including an alliance with Left parties and the opening of common offices.

West Bengal Congress general secretary O P Mishra, who dispatched the report June 13, told media “We have sent the report to New Delhi and are awaiting a response. The main thrust of the report is to not only look at the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, but draw a long-term plan to see how we can make a recovery in the 2021 assembly elections, defeat the TMC and come to power. We are not averse to forming a coalition government with the CPM in the state.’’

Last month, West Bengal Congress president Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury had announced that his party intended to unite all non-TMC, non-BJP parties in the state. He said a decision had been taken after a meeting with all Congress MLAs and district leaders, and Mishra had been asked to draw up a plan of action. The report sent to the AICC is a result of that decision.

The 21-step approach proposes “central office points’’ in Kolkata, Asansol, Berhampore and Siliguri; dedicated website, Facebook page and Twitter handle for the political front; development of a 50,000-strong volunteer force, cutting across non-TMC, non-BJP parties, by October 2018 for the alliance work.

“The methodology may involve enlisting the support of 1,000 core political party activists distributed throughout the state, encouraging each of them to enlist 10 volunteers and then subsequently each of the 10,000 volunteers to help enlist 5 volunteers each. The volunteers may be supporters or sympathizers of any political party. Details related to enlisting and joining of volunteers and Dos and Don’ts related to them to be prepared in writing,’’ the report states.
Details of each volunteer is to be maintained in a centralised manner accessible to all parties and “work/activity’’will be given to each volunteer on continuous basis including pamphlet and literature distribution, collection of resources and visiting “victims of human rights violations, police excesses and those accused of false cases”.

Volunteers will also be engaged in booth-wise collection of organisation data and will, in turn, recruit volunteers at the booth level. The alliance, according to the report, will compile all “political and false police cases since 2011 throughout West Bengal against political activists/human rights activists/general public’’ and provide “dedicated financial resources for the legal and medical expenses of all victims of TMC’s physical attacks’’.

At the level of the state and central leaderships, Mishra’s report has proposed deliberations to draw up a common agenda between the parties as well as deliberations with trade unions, farmer organisations, student bodies as well as those of professionals such as doctors and teachers.

The plan also proposes that all cases related to the panchayat polls and pending cases of corruption against the state be fought together by these political parties. Alleging that there is a tacit understanding between the TMC and the BJP in West Bengal, Mishra says an alliance between the Congress and the TMC for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections is not desirable. “A TMC-Congress-Left tie-up. This is problematic and has the potential to produce the opposite of the result anticipated. Such a formulation may even serve the BJP and may amount to ceding the Opposition space to BJP.”

He has alleged that the TMC’s objective to retain power, and shield its leadership from investigation, detention and conviction in corruption cases by the CBI in the Sarada and Narada scandals has made the party “compromise with the political interests of BJP in the state’’.

The report claims that the rise of the BJP in Bengal has been “artificial’’, and not organic. “In 2014, BJP had secured 17.2 per cent votes in the Lok Sabha elections — the highest ever vote share of BJP in the state. When Congress and Left political parties reached state-level electoral understanding and contested the 2016 assembly election, securing about 39 per cent vote share, BJP’s vote share was reduced by about 40 per cent, from the high of 17.2 to 10.5 per cent. The 6 per cent gap between TMC and Congress-Left combine resulted in a huge victory for TMC which secured 211 seats. TMC leadership realized that any further strengthening of Congress-Left combine would jeopardize their electoral success and hence decided to encourage BJP’s ‘rise’,’’ it claims.

“At the national level, in Parliament, TMC has given tacit and indirect support to BJP on a number of occasions through occasional but calculated abstention, not joining the other Opposition parties against the government on crucial issues and, more recently, by trying to subvert and weaken efforts at Opposition unity by flouting political formulations that may indirectly benefit the BJP’s quest for power in 2019 Lok Sabha election,’’ the report states.


620th Birth Anniversary of Saint Kabeer


Bharatiya Janata Party S C Morcha is going to celebrate 620th Birth Anniversary of Sant Kabir Ji today ie (23-6-2018) Saturday at party office Kamalam Sector 33A, Chandigarh at 4.15 pm.
Sh O P Dhankad, Agriculture Minister Government of Haryana will be the Chief Guest of the programme and Sh Sanjay Tandon, State President BJP Chandigarh will be the Guest of Honour

Seeking comprehensive agreement ahead of LS and VS Polls JD(U)


The Janta Dal (United) wants a comprehensive agreement among NDA partners that would determine the seat share of each party in the Lok Sabha (2019) and Bihar Assembly (2020) polls. Sources in the JD(U) said they expected the BJP, the lead partner in the alliance, to take an initiative to seal the deal well in time. There was no proposal from the BJP yet, they added.

When asked to spell out the number of seats the party wished to contest in both elections, they said the JD(U) was not fixated on the number. “We want all sides to sit together and fix the shares of parties, which are just and fair and take current ground realities in account,” they said.

When it was pointed out that the BJP would want the results of the last Lok Sabha elections to be the basis for the agreement, the sources said this logic was flawed. “One has to remember that 2019 is not 2014,” they asserted, underlining the fact that “results of by-elections show that public mood seems to have undergone a change”.

They said the NDA had got 31 of the 40 Lok Sabha seats from Bihar, winning 173 of the 243 Assembly segments. The BJP alone had bagged 22 seats. “Can the ruling combination repeat this performance?” the sources asked.
They said the JD(U) had secured only two seats. “Can they expect us to field candidates in only two constituencies now?”

The JD(U) sources said that if the latest poll performance was the yardstick, the 2015 Assembly results should also hold. The JD(U) had won 71 Assembly seats against 53 of the BJP. They said, “Ram Vilas Paswan’s LJP has six members in the Lok Sabha, but only two MLAs in Bihar, while Upendra Kushwaha’s RLSP had three seats in the Lok Sabha but only two members in the Assembly. Would they be content with the same number of seats?”

The sources said that an overall view and pragmatic approach would make more sense. The BJP should take steps to make the NDA more cohesive, consult its allies and address their concerns from time to time, they said. They flagged the issue of absence of representation of the JD(U) in the central government even though the BJP was well represented in the Bihar government. Special status for Bihar, according to the JD(U), would drum up coalition prospects in the state.