To build Ram Mandir, BJP should do what Indira Gandhi did!

Despite the Allahabad High Court giving its  verdict in 2010 that the Babri structure was built over the ruins of an existing temple ( believed to be  that of  Maryada Purushottam  Rama’s at the Janmasthan),   the Babri Masjid Action Committee  incited and supported  by the  “eminent” Marxist historians and “secular”  warriors of the  JNU, AMU etc,  the matter had been taken to the Supreme Court which seems to be  avoiding a verdict .  Even if Supreme Court gives a verdict in favour of  Rama Mandir the irredentist will take to some other  artifice to not allow the construction of  the temple.  However, the  temple can be  constructed if  the present government  takes a lesson from Indira Gandhi and  implements  her method.

When 14 banks were nationalised, they went to the Supreme Court which gave a judgement that nationalisation was  ultra-vires . Indira Gandhi got an ordinance signed by the President and took over the banks.  She then wanted to abolish the privy purses which required  an amendment to the Constitution. The amending bill was passed  in the  Lok Sabha but was defeated  by one  vote in Rajya Sabha.  Indira Gandhi  dissolved the  Lok Sabha and went for the  mid-term polls.  By her oratory espousing the cause of the  poor and socialism for which the abolition of the  privy purses and other  poor –oriented  measures were necessary, she got a thumping  majority  in the midterm elections in 1972.  She  amended the Constitution and  the  privy purses were  abolished.

If The BJP and the government  led by it are to be proved  sincere in their commitment to the  re-construction of the Rama temple on the  Janmasthan in Ayodhya, Indiraji’s way is the only recourse they should take to ie, issue an ordinance; if it is struck by the  Supreme Court, dissolve Lok Sabha, go for early election with Ram Mandir as the  prime issue; win it and let the  Mandir be constructed and  close this  matter ones for all.

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