AIBOC & UFBU condemn govt. for its dual policy

All India Bank Officers Confederation today protested against the merger of three banks opposite Vijaya Bank Sector Chandigarh

On the call of AIBOC large number of officers participated in a massive demonstration.

while addressing the officers Sanjay Sharma convener of UFBU Chandigarh strongly condemned the government’s dual policy towards bank. Sharma said that on one hand government is issuing banking licence to the new banks and on the other hand merging the public sector banks in the name of the weak bank; whereas all the public sector banks are running in profit.

He accused the government for not recovering the loan amount from the corporate defaulters and for not making the required laws for the recovery from these defaulters. Banks are already facing a mounting NPA crisis.

Government has put nationalised banks under Preventive Care Action(CPA) as a result their merger has been announced.

Various senior Leaders including Ashok Goyal, T.S. Saggu, Vipin Berri, Harvinder Singh, Pankaj Sharma, Arun Sikka, Rajnish Kumar actively joined the Protest

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