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HMT Bachao Sangharsh Samiti to hold Dharna Tomorrow


Panchkula, july 2
“HMT Bachao Sangharsh Samiti will hold Dharna tomorrow at HMT gate to oppose the policies on closure of Public Sector Units in Nov 2016,” stated the Convenor of Samiti and Former chairman of Govt. Of Haryana, Vijay Bansal.
Bansal told that local residents, retired staff, congress and other parties also likely to join the protest.
He further told that BJP led government is mocking its own make in India campaign by introducing the closure policy .
Refering to the closure orders of Aurangabad Unit of HMT during Vajpayee government told the media persons that the then Industry Minister from Shiv Sena stood against the closure and consequently the unit is still working in profits.

HMT employees union leaders who initiated the plea in Punjab and Haryana High court Mr Rambir, and Samay Singh also apprehended the closure of HMT machine tools Pinjore.
Mr Naresh Maan a local Congress leader and former councilor calls this policy a black blot on the Bjp.

Vijay Bansal alleged the management for discriminating the units in North India.The head office of HMT is in the southand the management disburse all the funds to them neglecting the Pinjore unit.
Bansal informed that in 1962, the United Punjab State Government had acquired 4062 bigha for HMT, 18 Biswas,20 lakhs 33 thousand 422 rupees, but provided free donations to the HMT company whose gift deed was taken on August 25, 1962 which clearly states that company cannot sell or donate land to anyone without the permission of state government, it cannot transfer to anyone .
The real owner of the land is state government.
Bansal demands that the apple market should not be shifted to Pinjore from Panchkula as it will be of no use to youth or local residents. Haryana will not be benefitted from this market as there is no market fee on apple .
He advised the present government to act wisely and not to ignore welfare of people.