Rana Gurmeet Singh Sodhi made serious allegations of corruption

Demokratic Front, Chandigarh – 28 May :

Dr. Yashpal Jassi, a renowned social worker from Fazilka, has leveled serious corruption charges against former senior Punjab Congress leader Rana Gurmeet Singh Sodhi. Addressing journalists at a press conference held at the Chandigarh Press Club today, Dr. Jassi, who is also a former Punjab Congress state secretary, revealed that Rana Sodhi had promised him a Congress ticket for the Fazilka seat in the 2017 Punjab Assembly elections in exchange for a demand of INR 1.5 crore, of which he asked for INR 50 lakhs in advance. All this communication was facilitated through Congress leader from Fazilka, Malkit Singh Heera, who introduced him to Rana Sodhi.

Rana Sodhi claimed that this money was to be given to Captain Amarinder Singh and arranged for an introduction between Dr. Jassi and Captain Amarinder Singh. When Dr. Jassi inquired about Mahendra Rinwa, a close aide of Captain Amarinder Singh who was also expected to get the ticket from Fazilka, Captain said that Rinwa was out of the race as he had lost twice, and advised Dr. Jassi to continue working.

Following this, Dr. Jassi arranged and handed over INR 50 lakhs to Rana Sodhi between February and May 2016. However, when the ticket announcements were made, Dr. Jassi’s name was not on the list. When he asked Rana Sodhi for his money back, Rana kept delaying, and this continued for eight years. Dr. Jassi further revealed that Rana Sodhi has now started threatening him, saying he could do whatever he wanted.

During this period, Dr. Jassi learned that Rana Sodhi had extorted money from several other individuals, including Malkit Singh Heera and two women from Baluana and Dholpur (Rajasthan). He stated that he has audio recordings of conversations with Rana Sodhi discussing these transactions as evidence.

Dr. Jassi mentioned that he has written letters to Sunil Jakhar, Captain Amarinder Singh, and even Prime Minister Modi, informing them about Rana Sodhi’s misconduct, but none have responded. He has now decided to publicly expose Rana Sodhi’s actions to prevent others from falling into his trap and will pursue all possible legal avenues to reclaim his money. He also expressed that he fears for his life and stated that if anything happens to him, Rana Sodhi would be responsible.