Artificial intelligence help Dentist &people a free  virtual assistance 24×7 on World Orthodontics Day 

Dr Mohit’s all social media handles like instagram, whatsapp, messenger etc will act as free 24×7 AI helpline to NRI and local peiple 

Demokratic Front, Chandigarh – May 17        :

Dr Mohit Dhwan’practice has become  one of India’s first dental clinic to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI), revolutionizing the way one experiences dental treatments.

At ADC, we have embraced the power of AI technology to provide you with personalized care, precise diagnoses, and efficient treatment plans.Also Experience the future of dental care by scheduling an real time automated appointment with us today. Discover the unmatched benefits of our AI-driven approach and let us transform your dental health. 

In recent years, the field of AI in dentistry has witnessed significant advancements through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies by various platforms. Among these advancements, dental AI assistants have emerged as powerful tools, reshaping the delivery of dental care. In this blog post, we will explore the remarkable benefits and capabilities of dental AI assistants and how they are revolutionising the dental industry.

Our AI-powered dental assistant possess the ability to analyse dental images and radiographs accurately. Utilising advanced machine learning algorithms, he can detect potential abnormalities or signs of dental diseases. This aids our dentists in making more informed diagnoses and treatment plans. With early detection, timely interventions can be implemented, resulting in improved patient outcomes, said Dr Mohit Dhawan a member of IDA and member of International Dental Implantology .