DAVPS 39 D Chandigarh School Celebrates World Earth Day

Demokratic Front, Chandigarh – April 22  :

DAV Public School 39 D Chandigarh celebrated World Earth Day with zeal and enthusiasm by conducting a range of activities to promote environmental conservation among students. The school organized activities such as making recycled bottle planters, poster making, and a nature walk to raise awareness about environmental issues.

 Maninder Vohra, the Principal of the school, motivated the students to be conscious of their responsibility towards the environment and to take an active part in protecting it. She emphasized the significance of Earth Day and encouraged the students to take small steps to contribute towards a sustainable future.

The celebration of World Earth Day at DAVPS 39 D Chandigarh School was a huge success, and the students left with a sense of responsibility towards the environment. The school remains committed to promoting environmental awareness and sustainability among its students and hopes to inspire more young minds to join the cause.