41 youth donated blood at Rain Basera Sector 17 Chandigarh

Demokratic Front, Chandigarh – April 22  :

Indian Red Cross UT Chandigarh and Vishvas Foundation Panchkula, with the blessings of Gurudev Shree Swami Vishvas ji, organized a blood donation camp today in front of Urban Park, Rain Basera Sector-17, Chandigarh, motivating the youth by focusing on the spirit of humanity. This blood donation camp was organized by Training Supervisor Sushil Kumar Tank in collaboration with Indian Red Cross Society UT Chandigarh. Red Cross nodal officer KK Rana, volunteers Sarita Bhardwaj, Parveen and others were present on the occasion.

Vishvas Foundation President Sadhvi Neelima Vishvas said that in the camp, the team of Blood Bank Command Hospital Chandimandir collected 41 units of blood under the supervision of Dr. Captain Subith George. She said that the shortage of blood can be met only by donating blood by blood donors of their own free will. Earlier blood donation was done when there was a need. Now there are many people who donate blood even on birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Blood donation is the biggest donation of life, due to which man neither sees caste nor religion. This is the most pious work of life for a human being. By donating blood, we can save the lives of the needy.

Sushil Kumar Tank said that blood donation is a great donation. By giving blood to a needy person, his life can be saved. People generally have the mindset that donating blood brings weakness in the body. This is misleading information. Blood donation does not cause any weakness and the blood given in a week is supplied and new blood circulates in the body. He has appealed to the youth to take a pledge to donate blood and must donate blood in life.

All the blood donors who came to this blood donation camp were encouraged by giving appreciation letters and gifts. On this occasion, Rishi Mohit Vishvas, Ramesh Suman, Vikas Kumar and other dignitaries from Vishvas Foundation were also present.