MoU signed between The Indian Council of World Affairs and Panjab University

Koral Purnoor’. Demokratic Front, Chandigarh – April 17

The Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) and Panjab University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today to promote academic collaboration and exchange of knowledge between the two institutions. The signing ceremony was held at the Panjab University campus and was headed by the Department of History.The event began with the welcome address by the Honourable Vice Chancellor of Panjab University, Prof Renu Vig, who expressed her pleasure at the collaboration between the two institutions. She stressed the importance of academic partnerships in enhancing the quality of education and research. Prof Harsh Nayyar, Director of the Research and Development Centre (RDC) at Panjab University, then introduced the intricacies of the MoU and emphasised the mutual benefits that both institutions will gain from this collaboration.

The Honourable Ambassador Vijay Thakur Singh, Director-General of the ICWA, signed the MoU in the presence of the Registrar of Panjab University, Prof Yajvender Pal Verma. The MoU outlines the scope of collaboration between the two institutions, which includes exchange programs, joint research projects, internships and academic events.

Following the signing ceremony, Ambassador Vijay Thakur Singh delivered a special lecture on the current priorities of Indian foreign policy. She highlighted the challenges and opportunities in the global arena and shared the vision of India in 2047. The lecture was followed by an interaction between the audience and Ambassador Vijay Thakur Singh. The audience posed questions on various topics such as India’s young population, India’s position in G-20, non-alignment stance of India, and India’s position on the P-5 of the UN. Ambassador Thakur Singh answered all the questions in great detail, providing valuable insights and perspectives on each topic. Her responses were highly appreciated by the audience, who thanked ambassador Thakur Singh for sharing her knowledge and experience.

Prof Anju Suri, Dean of Arts, gave the formal vote of thanks, expressing her gratitude towards Ambassador Thakur for her informative and engaging lecture and celebrating MoU between the ICWA and Panjab University.