MISSION FOR VISION of United Sikh Mission

  Eye Healthcare Completes 5 Months Schedule of 2022-23 in Punjab

United Sikh Mission Announces the Setting up of Free Charitable Hospital in Punjab by the end of 2023

The United Sikh Mission (USA) successfully completed its schedule of organizing more than 50 free-of-cost Eye Healthcare camps in rural Punjab which started in the month of Oct 2022 for a period of 5 months.

Rashpal Singh Dhindsa, Chairman, USM while sharing the data on the completion of these camps, informed that in their “Mission for Vision” this year they have organized 52 camps covering the population of 500 Villages in Rural Punjab, where apart from free eye check-up camps, there were provisions and arrangements for free medicines for eye care, free spectacles, and free eye- surgeries at the camps and free meals provided along with pre and post-operative care. This season (Oct ’22 to Mar ’23)  the camps witnessed a total of 24,638 OPDs, 14,977 Spectacles were distributed free of cost, 24,818 Medicines were provided to all the screened patients, and 3,315 eye Surgeries were undertaken.

USM has announced the initiation of work towards creating a charitable hospital, Khalsa Health Centre at Village Bias Pind, Jalandhar (On the Jalandhar-Pathankot Highway) to take care of all eye-related surgeries, dialysis and gynaecological treatment, and pharmacy all absolutely free of cost. The first phase of the hospital is expected to be completed by October 2023, before the commencement of the eye camps for the 2023-204 season.

Rashpal Singh Dhindsa shared that the camps mark their successful conduct from the generous donations from various sponsors who are mainly NRI’s who want their native villages which are based in remote areas to be benefited from the healthcare facilities and guidance from the expert doctors at these camps. 

He expressed that it is all Guru’s will and as humans, the United Sikh Mission is trying to help other humans irrespective of their religion, gender, and caste. Talking further, he added that their mission is to empower communities worldwide by addressing disparities in healthcare needs by eliminating preventable medical illnesses while promoting peace and community to spread prosperity and kindness towards humanity. Bicky Singh, Founder of Sikhlens Foundation shares that “The release of the Sikhlens Community Voices film “Silver Lining” featuring the United Sikh Mission is a powerful testament to the impact of dedicated community service. This film sheds light on the growth and visibility of eye camps in Punjab, India, and how the United Sikh Mission is making a significant difference in the lives of those in need. The film brings attention to the vital work being done by the United Sikh Mission in Punjab, India. This powerful documentary highlights the incredible impact of the organization’s efforts to bring much-needed eye care services to those who need it most. It is a must-see for anyone who cares about promoting the visibility and growth of healthcare services for underserved communities.” 

Ojaswwee Sharma, National-Award Winning Film Director shared that the whole exemplary humanitarian journey of the United Sikh Mission, which has been showcased in a 40-minute documentary titled ‘Silver Lining’ 18 years of dedicated charitable service to the needy, showcasing the complete efforts and results seen in the state from inception in 2005 till date. The film has certainly added to creating awareness among the masses for availing of the free services for their eye-related issues.