Yield 4 Finance (Y4F) starts ‘Educate the Market’ initiative

Panchkula, March 10, 2023:
Yield 4 Finance, a trade finance trainer active in India, UAE, UK, Spain, Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda. The group has announced to provide courses for the whole market for free and all to understand how trade finance guarantee works and what is more suitable for the transactions. 
Sanjeev Chadha, Chairman of Yield 4 Finance, aims to educate each and every one about trade finance in business. He says, “Currently most people are not aware of it and how it actually works. Trade finance guarantees to protect the importers and exporters from counter party risks and exposure of it and how it can be covered with different type of guarantees and payment methods. Not only this, our concern is also that people won’t fall prey of scams and understand how to be more careful if they are dealing in similar kind of business or transactions on daily basis.” 
People can join YIELD 4 LEARNING the platform. There are three main popular courses which Y4F provide: Bank Guarantee, Documentary credit and Standby letter of credit. Bank Guarantee means the undertaking by banks on behalf of individual or corporate for the performance or payment obligation to beneficiary of the guarantee. Documentary credit is also called letter of credit, a conditional payment method between buyer and seller where the buyers bank gives a guarantee on behalf of buyer to seller for the payment to obtain the shipping documents under which trade is done.
Chadha said that standby letter of credit is an undertaking from issuing bank or issuer to pay beneficiary on behalf of applicant in case of default (failed to pay as promised) from the applicant.The training initiative is executed by Javela Macalad (Vice president), Anna Perello (General manager), Lianna Cruz (General manager) and Sanjeev Chadha (Chairman). 
The courses have helped so many bankers from around the globe. Importers and exporters have become more aware. Chadha added, “We want people to be aware of this market as much as possible. Interested people can pursue these free courses by clicking the link: www.yield4learning.co.uk.”