I like experimenting with music : Harvi

  • Music an extension of my personality – Harvi

Demokratic Front, Chandigarh – 10 March :

Pollywood singer Harvi has always seen his work as not being restricted on one genre, according to Harvi as of now he has sung all compositions be it classic composed sad song or be it classic composed romantic song and he wants to keep experimenting with the music.“I love experimenting with my music, if you know about my songs, you will see that when I started my career, it was with a classic composed sad song, kade kade whose composition was completely different and it was a different genre.”

For Harvi experimentation with the music is something which he really enjoys. “I think if you don’t experiment with your music, you are actually not doing justice with the work you are doing because all the best things come into light when you experiment all the magic happens when you experiment. I have tried classic composed songs, high scale songs kind of hip hop which are lyrically and musically different and I think that is what makes you a better singer and of course the loved one.”