“C V Raman and the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physics”, Prof. Arun K. Grover

Chandigarh March 2, 2023

To commemorate the National Science Day, the Society for Promotion of Science and Technology in India (SPSTI) organized a Popular Lecture at Central Instrumentation  Lab, Panjab University, Chandigarh. The lecture was delivered by Prof. Arun K. Grover, Former Vice-Chancellor, Panjab University, Chandigarh & Vice President of SPSTI, and the subject was “C V Raman and the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physics”. The lecture was organized in hybrid mode and the recorded version can be accessed at https://fb.watch/i-2Khjp43X/. The Department of Physics and Centre for Forensic  Science and Criminology, Panjab University, were Co-hosts of the event and the  Chairmen of these two departments, Prof. Rajiv Puri and Dr. Vishal Sharma were  present along with a large number of their students.

Prof. Grover brought to fore many interesting lesser known facts about the way to Nobel Prize for Sir C. V. Raman. What emerged was that Raman was not only a very talented Physicist, on the top rungs of Science of his time, but also had unflinching support from his compatriots and patrons in Calcutta University. He was also very confident of the quality of his work and was not shy of approaching European and American scientists for nomination to the Nobel Prize. We celebrate National Science day to commemorate the announcement (Feb. 29, 1928) of the observation and confirmation of the phenomenon known as Raman Effect, which fetched for India its only Nobel Prize in a Scientific discipline.