The youth donated the daughter of a financially weak family

Democratic Front / Pawan Saini Hisar

 In Tokas Patan village, the daughter of a family was married by the youth of the society. This family did not have any means of income, due to which the family members were unable to bear the expenses of the daughter’s marriage. Surendra Gangwa told that through social media, he had appealed to the youth for financial cooperation for the donation of poor girls. After this, youth teams from different villages and other districts of the district reached the poor girl’s house with contribution amount. Surendra Gangwa said that there is no bigger donation than the donation of a daughter of a poor family. Gangwa said that every person should come forward to help the needy according to their status. On this occasion, Ajay Ghanghas, Sumita Baloda, Kritiman Tokas, Sunil Harita, Rajesh Kalawas, Mandeep Sheoran, Kamal Sharma Patan, Satyanarayan, Dalip Kalod, Balwan, youths from different districts including youths from different districts were present on this occasion. are.