Do not click on the link of fake message of power cut: Amit Khatri

Democratic Front / Pawan Saini
Hisar. Amit Khatri, Managing Director of Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam, has advised all electricity consumers to beware of thugs. He said that if any electricity consumer gets a message that ‘Deposit the electricity bill, Otherwise your electricity connection will be disconnected in few hours’ so be alert. Do not click such links and beware of cyber crimes. In such fake messages, the account number and balance amount of the consumer are not mentioned. He told that cyber thugs are adopting new methods everyday to cheat the consumers. These days, under the efforts of cyber thugs to trap people in a new way, many electricity consumers are getting a message on mobile that your electricity bill is due and in lieu of this your connection will be disconnected. Not only this, it is also being told that the connection will be disconnected tonight. Later a number is being sent and it is being advised to talk on it. Many consumers call the number given in the message and ask why this would happen, then on talking, fraud is detected. The Managing Director told that South Haryana Electricity Distribution Corporation will not send any such message. Does not send to consumer. Corporation does not warn anyone to cut off electricity connection and does not ask to contact on any number.