Vishvas Foundation distributed 150 blankets to the needy living in Ramgarh slums

Democratic Front

Panchkula 29 December 2022. With the blessings of Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas ji, Vishvas Foundation today distributed 150 blankets to the poor and needy people to protect them from cold. These blankets were distributed to the poor and helpless people living in tarpaulin slums at different places in Ramgarh to protect them from cold. Everyone’s faces lit up as soon as they received the blanket. Service to man is service to Narayan. Always working to help the needy is the ultimate religion. Vishvas Foundation is always engaged in the service of the people.

The blanket was distributed jointly by Sadhvi Neelima Vishvas, President of Vishvas Foundation and all other Sadhvis. Helping the poor, poor and helpless people is an act of religion and virtue. Poor people are also a part of the society, serving such people gives a feeling of joy. Prayers were coming out of people’s mouths as soon as they took blankets in the shivering cold. Not everyone has mercy on the helpless, but those who are blessed by God, they do such good deeds. The one who has no support, his only support is God.