GAJE-IJCLE-SAULCA, Global Alliance for Justice Education

Chandigarh December 12, 2022

           GAJE-IJCLE-SAULCA, Global Alliance for Justice Education (11th GAJE WWC), International Journal of Clinical Legal Education (20th Annual Conference) South African University Law Clinics Association is organizing a Worldwide Conference at Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Law on theme of “Justice Education: Building Resilience and Strong Connections in Times of Global Challenges” from 11-15th December,2022. Prof. (Dr.) Devinder Singh, Chairperson, Department of Laws alongwith Prof. (Dr.) Jyoti Rattan, Coordinator Pro-Bono Club, Department of Laws (online) and Ms. Shruti Dahiya, Research Scholar has presented a paper on “Role of legal aid clinics in socio-legal mobilisation: Case Studies of Punjab” on 12th December and showcased the activities organised by Legal Aid Clinic and Pro-bono club for mitigation of problems like Domestic Violence, Drug Abuse and NRI-Marriage Frauds in State of Punjab.