Surya Namaskar performed at Air Purification Tower with association of CPCC

Chandigarh :

The 75th anniversary of independence is being celebrated in the country as the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. In connection with this mega festival, 75 crore Surya Namaskar project is being organized in the country, in which, today, in the courtyard of the country’s tallest filter less air purification tower in Chandigarh, the yoga ambassadors and yoga teachers of Chandigarh Yogasan Sports Association performed Surya Namaskar in association with association of Chandigarh Pollution Controll Committee (CPCC). This program of Surya Namaskar started with the sunrise at 7:00 am. This event witnessed the presence of Mr. Rohit Ghawri, Chairman – Chandigarh Yogasana Sports Association) and Ms. Meenakshi Thakur.

Located at one of the Chandigarh’s busiest place- Transport Chowk in Sector 26, this air purification tower is 24 meters high and is capable of cleaning 38.8 million cubic feet of air from the surrounding environment. The purpose of doing Surya Namaskar , Asana ,Pranayama in the courtyard of Air Purifier Tower is to create interest and awareness among people towards Yoga. Explaining the hidden purpose of organizing the event at this place, Mr. Jitender Singh, working in GMHS-43A of the Education Department, told that just as the way, this tower has the ability to remove the impurities of the environment, in the same way Yogasan, Pranayama and Surya Namaskar are also of great importance for human beings. Through the practice of Asanas, Pranayama and Surya Namaskar, the practitioner can get rid of all the ailments of his body and can march towards a healthy and perfect life. Ms. Rajvir Kaur, Yoga Teacher after performing today, marked value of Surya Namaskar 12 steps sequence as one of the best fitness workout. The sequence stimulates the muscles, different organs and other functioning of the body while uplifting the concentration and awareness of the mind.      

On this occasion, IFS Officer, Director Department of Environment, Chandigarh & Secretary, CPCC, Mr. Debendra Dalai, extended his best wishes for the 75 crore Surya Namaskar project.