Webinar on Communal Harmony in India at PU

NSS in collaboration with University School of Open Learning (USOL) and the Centre for Medical Physics, Panjab University Chandigarh celebrated the communal harmony week by organizing a webinar.

Prof. Devinder Singh, Chairperson, Department of Law and SVC, PU was the distinguished speaker of the webinar entitled “COMMUNAL HARMONY IN INDIA”. He mentioned that, Indians are Live example of communal harmony. India is a blessed nation, as it is birth place of many religions. The diverse culture is our religion and it is our strength, and also it is rare feature of a society. Indian respects every religion and state follows positive secularism. He explained the meaning of communal harmony by giving example of the paintings in the Indian constitution.

Dr. Vivek Kumar, Chairperson, Centre for Medical Physics told that peace can only exist between communities once the importance of communal harmony is understood and thanked the audience in the end.

Earlier, NSS Programme officer Dr. Richa Sharma (USOL) welcomed the participants and introduced the speaker to the audience. Prof. Madhurima Verma (USOL), Dr. Shankar Sehgal (UIET), Dr. Naveen Kumar (UIAMS) and NSS Programme officers attended the event. Approx. 95 faculty members and students attended the webinar.