NSPIRE had organized its “Annual General Meeting-cum-Seminar”

Chandigarh, 18-Oct.-2021:

INSPIRE had organized its “Annual General Meeting-cum-Seminar” at Hotel Metro 35, Chandigarh.  On this event a Seminar on the topic “Enhancing Motivation” was also arranged for members of INSPIRE by a renowned C.A. and Motivator of tricity Shri S.P. Babuta.  The Guest Speaker  explained to the members of this institution very elaborately viz. Purpose (Revisit/Change), Linked to stage of life, Can be enhanced through positive orientation and Mentor’s Role is important.     

Shri J.N. Bakshi, Advisor & Secretary General – INSPIRE, while welcoming the INSPIRE fraternity to the Annual General Meeting-cum-Seminar also expressed his views that it is our constant endeavour to keep INSPIRE members abreast of their well-being by not meeting in person during Pandemic Covid-19, the Executive Council of INSPIRE decided to meet virtually and organized Webinars for its members during 2020-21.  Shri D.M.S. Bedi, Chairman – INSPIRE welcomed the Guest Speaker by presenting a Bouquete and presented his brief Profile.

The term of the present Executive Council of INSPIRE ended with the conclusion of this  Annual General Meeting today and a new Executive Council for a further period of 3 Years was also formed as under:-

(1) Shri D.M.S. Bedi, Chairman; (2) Shri K.G. Grover, Vice-Chairman; (3) Shri Deepak Jagota, Advisor & Finance Secretary; (4) Shri J.N. Bakshi, Advisor & Secretary General; (5) Shri Bakhshish Singh, Secretary; (6) Shri Dalbir Singh Jatana, Advisor & Auditor; (7) Shri Rajinder Kashyap, Legal Advisor; (8) Shri Sukesh Kumar, Advisor; (9) Shri Purshotam Mehta, Advisor; (10) Shri Vinod Dhiman, Advisor; (11) Smt. Harminder Chawla, Advisor; (12) Shri Didar Singh, Advisor; (13) Smt. K. Pankajavally, Executive Member and (14) Shri A.N. Unnikrishnan, Executive Member.

INSPIRE (Institution for Secretarial Practices & Development) – is a non-profit voluntary body of secretarial practitioners in Tricity, registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 in 1993 at Chandigarh.  A large number of its members participated in the Annual General Meeting-cum-Seminar.