The book Charam the Ultimate Darshan released On the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima

On the occasion of Guru Purnima, Anil Chawla’s book CHARAM The Ultimate Darshan  dedicated to his Guru Thakur Keshav Chandra released
On the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima at Chandigarh Press Club author Anil Chawla’s Charm The Ultimate Darshan was released by literary legends Vivek Atray, Prem Vij, Ashok Nadir, Umesh Sehgal 

 Vivek Atray said  about the balance between materialistic life and conscience in life and inspired everyone to read and write literature In today’s era,
Today the whole world is battling with the Corona epidemic. In the second wave, no family was left untouched, almost all of us were affected. Today there is fear in everyone’s mind that what will be about third wave.

Introducing the PEC’s engineer turned author,  renowned author ,poet Ashok Nadir said that after successfully running two big units in Mohali and Baddi  Anil Chawla  has been spending a lot of time in contact with his Guru in Orissa and has now attained spirituality. Working on to pass on his Guru’s teachings accessible to the masses. According to the saint Achyutananda, this era is going on for change. Achyutanand  had come to Orissa 500 years ago . He was a contemporary of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He is known as Panch Sakha. Achyutananda ji was a monk of Nirvikalpa Samadhi and his utterances are in the form of palm leaf pots in the name of Malika and are present at so many places today.

Achuytanand ji’s predictions of 2020 – 2025 are mentioned in many scriptures in Orissa.Saint Achuytanand  had also mentioned in the Malika the birth of Yugavatar Thakur Keshavchandra and the deeds performed by him during his lifetime. According to which Keshavchandra was born in 1955 and left the body in 2015.

What did Thakur do in the form of Yugavatar, what knowledge he gave, what ideals he established, how for the next era, how to establish pilgrimages through yagyas, gave mandalas and mantras, all that was written in the predictions of Achyutananda. The 50 numbers of the Charam Shastra (which is in Oriya language) came in 22 years, it is also mentioned in the Malika. The book Charam the Ultimate Darshan is also based on the same scriptures of  Oriya Charm and is available on all major online platforms.