UIFT & VD, PANJAB UNIVERSITY organizes Webinar

Chandigarh April 22, 2021

University Institute of Fashion Technology & Vocational Development, (UIFT & VD), Panjab University, Chandigarh, organized a webinar titled “Sewing Threads: Technicalities in Selection and Usage on Fashion Products” ,today.

Mr Uday Narayan Bammanwadi, Technical Service Manager with M/s. Guetermann India Private Limited, Gurgaon in his address, talked about the sewing threads – how these are manufactured, what are the types of sewing threads used in the apparel and textile industry and technicalities related to sewing and sewing threads. He differentiated between the spun and core spun sewing threads and elaborated Micro Core Technology (MCT) in thread manufacturing. There are various types of raw material or fibers used in manufacturing of yarn. He also illustrated how PET bottles are recycled to prepare sewing yarn contributing towards sustainable practices.

Puckering is a very common problem encountered during stitching operations on the production floor. He discussed various kinds of Puckering and technical reasons for the problem and showed samples of how correct selection of needle and yarn can lead to no pucker situation. Adjusting feed dog for pucker free situation was also demonstrated. 

Ticket number or yarn thickness and its selection for different fabrics were discussed at length. While stitching, a needle thread is continuously under pressure and has friction with the needle hole and the fabric. Needle temperature is also raised while high speed sewing and lubrication of sewing thread protect it from these extreme temperatures. Lubrication of thread can be during the dyeing stage or it can be done once the thread is manufactured. Mr Uday stressed that dyebath lubrication is better and lend the yarn with such qualities that thread remains intact and can withstand so many pressures and abrasions. 

Earlier, Anu H. Gupta, Chairperson of UIFT & VD welcomed and introduced the key speaker who has more than 26 years of technical experience in the field of Apparel and sewing technology. She said that

correct choice of sewing thread is very important as the selection of needle and thread can immensely reduce the rejects in a garment factory . 

Around 100 participants including Research scholars, students of Fashion Technology and faculty members from various colleges within and outside the city attended the webinar. 

The speaker answered queries of lot of students like sewing on stretchable fabrics, how GSM of fabric is related to the selection of sewing thread, the needle and machine etc.  Overall, the webinar was very interesting and informative for the researchers and students who will be joining industry in future. 

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