Students from NTU – PU visit the Government Museum and Art Gallery

Korel, Chandigarh September 18, 2019

            The student delegation from Nottingham Trent University(UK) and Panjab University today visited the Government Musuem and Art Gallery and witnessed the rich heritage of Indian art and culture through a vibrant display of artefacts.  Ms. Seema Gera, Curator, gave a demonstration of the art and culture of the region and took the students around to the various sections of the museum.

            This was followed by a presentation on exploring Indian Culture through different dance forms of India and a special performance of Kathak dance by Ms. Saumya Shukla. The highlights of the presentation were the introduction to nine Indian classical dance forms and the deep relationship between these dance forms and Yoga. Students from NTU appreciated the rich display of artefacts and the enriching performance.

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