Green Corridor from PGIMER to Airport was provided to an ambulance by Chandigarh Traffic Police

Korel, Chandigarh September 4, 2019

Today i.e. 4.9.2019 at around 12 noon, a green corridor to an ambulance of PGIMER for transportation of live human organ (lever) was provided by Chandigarh Traffic Police from PGIMER, Sector 12 to Chandigarh Airport for its onwards transportation to Jaipur. During the above said movement, clear passage was provided to the ambulance and in 18 minutes sharp the ambulance reached the Airport.  We thank the drivers from the General Public who gave way to this emergency vehicle today.

                Further, it is pertinent to mention here that in the last five years, Chandigarh Traffic Police has provided green corridor on 31 occasions. 

                Further, as per Section 194E of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, which is reproduced as under:-

Whoever while driving a motor vehicle fails to draw to the side of the road, on the approach of a fire service vehicle or of an ambulance or other emergency vehicle as may be specified by the State Government, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, or with a fine of ten thousand rupees or with both.

                General public is requested to always give way to the emergency vehicles while driving vehicle.

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