Discussion Programme on Kumar Vikal

Korel, Chandigarh September 4, 2019

Department of Evening Studies – MDRC (Hindi Dept.), Panjab University, Chandigarh in collaboration with Publication Bureau of Panjab University, Chandigarh organized a discussion programme to commemorate the memories of Kumar Veekal. The programme started with poetical recitation of Kumar Veekal’s Poems by the students of the Department.

            The introductory remarks addressed the nature and poems of Kumar Veekal by Dr. Deepak Manmohan Singh and highlighted the importance of hindi as a national language.

            Prof. Jatinder Mohan viewed how Kumar Veekal was one of the most influential poet in modern hindi and Prof. Bhupinder Brar discussed his friendship and his national poems that are popular among Indians.

            Nirupama Dutt discussed his famous works and provided a gateway to new perspectives of his works for future generation.

            Dewan Mana, a famous photographer rendered his self-composed poetry filled with full splendour and variety.    

            Mrs. Sudarshan, wife of Kumar Veekal highlighted the importance of family in his poems.

            Professor Neeraj Jain, Coordinator, Hindi Dept. touched a deep emotional chord of his poetry.

            Professor Gurpal Singh thanked the guests and students for their presence.

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