A counselors meeting and counseling session for the girls held at PU

Chandigarh 4TH August 2019

            Panjab University Alumni Association in collaboration with Social Substance organized a counselors meeting and counseling session for the girls on Aug 3, 2019. The meet was attended by Ms. Neelam Dhamija, Ms. Y.K. Sharma, Ms. Kamal Malhi, Ms. Shubha Nehra, Ms. Anaya Poonam, Ms. Iti Sarin,  Ms. Shikha Bansal, Mr. Susihl Hindustani and Dr. Arun Bansal.

            Ms. Dhamija and Ms. Sharma are both experienced and veteran counselors visiting various government schools of Chandigarh.  Ms. Malhi is trained counselor who heals by holistic methods including meditation. Ms. Shubha Nehra is expert of food and wellness programs. Ms. Anaya Poonam works with drug addicts at National Level. Ms. Iti works with sports’ persons for their counseling needs. Ms. Shikha Bansal is an educator and self-motivated volunteer. Mr. Sushi Hindustani running his own channel project talents of individuals using youtube channel. Dr. Arun Bansal who coordinated the event is an educator, trained & experienced guide. 

            The event was quite successful and met entirely with objectives. It was decided unanimously that society by large need counseling sessions at various stages. Panjab University being house of thousands of people including students and resident is an ideal place to start with current line of action. It was consented that this initiative should reach to various girls’ hostels of PU and Alumni House should remain hub for counselor’s meet and specialized one to one counseling. It was expected that every week counseling sessions would be organized at Panjab University, especially for girls.

            Dr. Arun Bansal proposed the vote of thanks and expressed gratitude toward Prof. Deepti Gupta, Dean Alumni Relations, PU for providing extensive support to such an important and much needed activity.

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