Rota Virus Vaccine administration starts at all health facilities in UT

Chandigarh, 31st July, 2019:

The Rotavirus vaccine that prevents Rota virus diarrhea in infants and children  has been launched by Health Department in UT Chandigarh today. The initiative was spearheaded by Dr G Dewan , Director Health Services cum Mission Director, National Health Mission at an urban slum/ resettlement colony at Dhanas. The children  were administered with  five drops of oral Rotavirus Vaccine. From today, the vaccine will be part of the Routine Immunization days Wednesday and Saturday  to be given free with rest of the vaccines in all the health facilities of UT Chandigarh.

With this launch, Chandigarh becomes the 22nd UT/ State in the country to introduce the vaccine that ensures complete prevention from Rotavirus Diarrhea.

Universal Immunization Programme launched in 1985 is one of the largest immunization programmes in the world and a major public health intervention in the country. Government aims to give maximum protection to the children against Vaccine Preventable Diseases (VPDs).

Health Department, UT Chandigarh appeals to all the citizens of Chandigarh to give their valuable support to Health Department in ways of prevention of diarrhea amongst children and to get their children timely vaccinated in order to prevent from diseases that are preventable through the optimum use of vaccines.

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