PU NSS Volunteers in GMSSS, Dhanas Organised Swachhata Mela under SBSI 2.0

Korel, Chandigarh July 22, 2019

            Swachh Bharat Summer Internship (SBSI 2.0), 2019 was re-launched by Ministry of Jal Shakti, G.O.I. on 10th June, 2019 which will last upto 31st July, 2019. NSS Volunteers team ‘We Mean C.A.G. (Clean & Green)’ from Panjab University organized various Swachhata Rallies against Plastic usage, Malaria, Water Conservation and Save Trees Save life. PU volunteers also organized Cleanliness drives, Parbhat Ferries with swachhata songs, Jan Andolan against Plastic bottles, Water Conservation to sensitize villagers.

            Door to door campaigns on Dry/Wet waste segregation motivated villagers to adopt compost pit methodology to consume their organic waste in nearby kitchen garden with the help of pits. C.A.G. volunteers are working in Dhanas since 15th of June, 2019 under SBSI 2.0 for the contribution of minimum 50hours for Swachhata. But their dedication to work for the development of village being adopted village of PU has already crossed 50hours in the first 12 days of registration. This team will be working in Village Dhanas upto 31st July, 2019 to sensitize villagers for swachhata concern by working on the grass root level as suggested by Team Leader Mr Binesh Bhatia, SBSI State Awardee 2018 who is working with a team of 10 registered NSS volunteers for SBSI 2.0 to work beyond the mentioned hours in the ministry guidelines.

            Apart from the mentioned activities in the guidelines, the most liked and attracted part of the team in the internship is their 15minute Nukkad Natak which was performed in Slum Area, outside Gurudwara, Dolphin park, GMSSS of Dhanas multiple times to address the swachhata issue. Second one is their Wall painting methodology to sensitize masses in one go with multiple messages on wall presenting Cleanliness, Hygiene, Water Conservation, Say No to Plastic under Swachhata theme.

            PU volunteers are working under the esteemed guidance of Dr Navdeep Sharma, NSS Programme Coordinator, Panjab University in the adopted Village of Dhanas and PU Campus. The C.A.G. team also contributed in the plantation drive held on 16th July, 2019 at PU South Campus with Honorable Governor of Chandigarh U.T. Shri. V.P. Singh Badnore & PU Vice-Chancellor Prof (Dr) Raj Kumar. The NSS volunteers of PU also adopted school with in the adopted village to sensitize the school students in GMSSS, Dhanas during first week of July which ended with Swachhata Mela for school students with due permissions of DO and Principal, GMSSS. Under Swachhata Mela, PU NSS Volunteers organized various sessions on Segregation of Waste, Water Conservation issue, Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM), Say No to Plastic with a collection drive in the school with the help of school students, Workshops on Solid Waste Management, particularly stressing e-waste management and its scientific disposal at authorized legal centers offered by Govt. Of India (Team Leader of C.A.G. is a certified trainer of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) for e-waste). 

            On the request of Vice Principal, Mr Ramesh Kumar NSS volunteers from PU arranged separate session for the NSS unit of school particularly 10+2 students for highlighting the State, National and International platforms in NSS to motivate volunteers for community service with the help of PU key speaker Mr. Sandeep, NSS IG Awardee. Team also organized the competitions for school students based on Swachhata theme such as Drawing, Speech, Best out of waste from Plastic bottles, Dance and Songs on Swachhata to sensitize school students for cleanliness, clean and hygiene environment. Team shortlisted the best volunteers from all the activities for students and awarded them at SWACHHATA MELA held on 20th July, 2019.

            Shri Bikram Singh Rana, State Liaison Officer Chandigarh U.T. was the Chief guest in Swachhata Mela organised by C.A.G. Team of PU in GMSSS Dhanas while PU NSS Programme Coordinator Dr. Navdeep Sharma was Guest of Honor for the valedictory function. Chief guest was briefed by school Principal Mrs. Seema Rani for school activities of SBSI team from PU. While addressing 1500 school students and faculty in the gathering, Mr. Rana appreciated volunteers initiative of vertical gardening in the school, model from best out of plastic bottle waste presented back stage during Swachhata Mela which was developed from waste plastic bottles collected with the help of school students to project Beat Plastic Pollution theme. Chief guest also highlighted the hidden message from the wall painting made in school premises by PU volunteers based on Water Conservation and Swachhata theme for celebrating 150 years of Mahatma under the visionary project of Honorable PM Narendra Modi for Swachh Bharat Mission which was launched on 2nd October, 2014.

            Mr. Rana suggested School Principal and Panjab University co-ordinator to promote Water Conservation Project not only in SBSI 2.0 but also as a Jan Andolan to address the scarcity issue of drinking water in India and follow-up the ministry guidelines for the larger interest of society.

            School Principal Smt. Seema Rani well appreciated the efforts of last two weeks made by PU volunteers in the school for their dedication and helping attitude for school students to work on their skill development with all cultural activities under IEC & SWM guidelines of SBSI 2.0. Mrs. Seema narrated the plastic work of PU Volunteers in school for installing dustbins in classrooms as a collection point for waste bottles and developing a habit in students to lead this Jan Andolan from school and help in declaring Dhanas Plastic free village. While PU coordinator highlighted the efforts of working Team C.A.G. in Campus and Village Dhanas. Programme coordinator also thanked school Principal and NSS unit for accommodating and full cooperation to PU NSS volunteers in making all necessary arrangements with open heart under SBSI 2.0.

            Dr Navdeep affirmed the PU commitment to work with same team spirit for the school being in the list of adopted Villages of Panjab University under NSS programme.

Swachhata Mela organised Nukkad Natak, Swachhata Dance (performed by 68 school students on stage), Swachhata speech by Ms. Parerna (Differently Abled Student of GMSSS, Dhanas) and Swachhata songs followed by certificate felicitation to best volunteers identified during various competition held in last two weeks for SWACHHATA MELA under SBSI 2.0 notified by Ministry of Jal Shakti. Mr. Ramesh, NSS PO added PU NSS volunteer Team C.A.G. is working selflessly in Village Dhanas. 

            C.A.G. Team also organized Cycle rally from Panjab University to Nada Sahib for outreaching and sensitize people on large scale where Mr. Arnold from Germany (outside gurudwara) noticed the volunteer work and congratulated NSS to ride 40kms for the noble cause of society initiated by Prime Minister Mr. Modi. PU NSS volunteers under SBSI 2.0 are also working in Dhanas, Khuda Lahora, Govindgarh and Manimajra.

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