Youth held for murder

Korel, Chandigarh – 16.7.2019

          Crime Branch of Chandigarh Police got a major success in a recent murder case of Police Station Mouli Jagran, Chandigarh in which young boy Satish was attacked by unknown boys by hitting the beer bottle in his head and later on he succumbed to injuries. The team of Crime Branch of Chandigarh headed by SI Satvinder under the supervision of DSP Sh. Rajeev Kumar Ambastha cracked this case and arrested main accused involved in this crime.

Facts of the case:

          The case FIR No. 127 dated 14.7.2019 u/s 302,34 IPC PS-Mouli Jagran, Chandigarh was registered on the complaint of Sh. Jatinder Kumar S/o Ram Milan R/o # 1145, Mouli Complex, Chandigarh in which he stated that his brother Satish has been attacked by two unknown boys with beer bottle on his head and got some injuries. Later on he was admitted to General Hospital Sec.6, Panchkula where he succumbed to injuries.

Apprehension of accused.

          Today, afternoon, an information was received that the main accused Deepak, who is involved in the recent murder case at Mouli Jagran, Chandigarh is roaming in the area of Mouli Jagran and will try to run away from Chandigarh to other state by train. On that information, SI Satvinder Singh alongwith the police party laid the naka on railway station road towards Mouli Jagran to Railway Station, Chandigarh for checking and during checking a young boy came from the Mouli Jagran  and on seeing the police party, he turn back and try to escape, on the identification of the informer but he was apprehended with the help of police party and he disclosed his name Deepak. In the mean time Investigating official of this case of Police Station Mouli Jagran alongwith the police reached on the spot and accused Deepak was handed over to him and was arrested in the present case respectively.

Profile of the accused:

  1. Deepak S/o Sh. Jawahar Lal R/o House No. 3174, Mouli Jagran Complex, Chandigarh, Age 19 Years.

Reason for murder

          Accused Deepak alongwith his friend was present in the park near Masjid, Mouli Complex in the mean time deceased Satish alongwith his friend Sabed also came there. Deepak was in doubt that they came in their colony for ‘AASHIQUI’ (Romance).  Deepak asked them to go from there. On this they falls in an altercation. In the mean while Deepak alongwith his friend caught hold Satish and hit the beer bottle on his head and escaped from the spot.

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