Korel, Chandigarh July 10, 2019

            Ministry of Jal Shakti, G.O.I. relaunched the Swachh Bharat Summer Internship (SBSI 2.0) for all NSS/NCC/NYKS volunteers on 6th June, 2019. This internship is a part of Swachh Bharat Gramin Mission where volunteers have to devote minimum 50hours for Swachhata in their respective adoptedvillages. Under this initiative Department of NSS, Panjab University encouraged Volunteers to work in the adopted villages of PU and Campus for the community service based on swachhata theme. 

            SBSI2.0 is primarily focused on minimizing the usage of plastic and awareness campaigns of its hazardous impacts on the environment. Another important aspect of the internship is the segregation of dry and wet waste starting from the households to its dumping site and helping villagers in the development of compost pit. Enrolled NSS Volunteers of Panjab University are working for Swachh Bharat Summer Internship since 15th June, 2019 which is going to last upto 31st July, 2019 under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Navdeep Sharma, NSS coordinator, Panjab University. Panjab University has generated the web link to register volunteers for SBSI 2.0 and also working to create online link for internship report submission. One of NSS volunteer team from Panjab University registered themselves as a team namely “We Mean C.A.G (CLEAN & GREEN)” led by Binesh Bhatia, State Awardee of SBSI, 2018 from PU Campus. This team is working hard in two shifts with volunteers of PU tomake Swachhata as a “Jan Andolan” in adopted village of Dhanas, Khuda Lhora and PU campus. 

            NSS volunteers of Panjab University have been performing Nukkad Natak on streets and in slum areas of Dhanas, organising various rallies on cleanliness & waste segregation (dry/wet) and awareness sessions on Menstrual Hygiene, e-waste under Solid Waste Management, Water Conservation in the adopted village of Dhanas and PU campus on regular basis. Volunteers in their Swachhata campaign drives are suggesting households to develop the compost pits in their near by area for kitchen gardening. As per information conveyed by Dhanas villager, NSS volunteers are promoting clean and hygienic environment for the Dhanas villagers. 

            PU Volunteers have also started the campaign for collecting the plastic bottles with the contribution of GMSSS, Dhanas students. Volunteers have installed bins for waste plastic bottles as a collection point in the classrooms itself. School students can make volunteer contribution in the collection of plastic bottles from their respective houses, canteen, shops in village to donate the same in their school bin and help the interns to work on best out of plastic waste. For their great team work on field and motivating school children to reduce the plastic usage, there work has been well appreciated by School Principle Mrs. Seema Rani and Vice Principle Mr. Ramesh Kumar of GMSSS, Dhanas. Mr. Ramesh added that volunteers are working in a school like one works for their own home. 

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