PS-36: 2 youth were arrested for theft

Purnoor, Chandigarh     20.04.19 :

                        Keeping in view of the increasing of burglary, snatching & MV Theft incidents in PS area, a special team was constituted for the prevention and detection of crime especially MV theft. The Special team did commendable job by arresting 2 accused namely Sagar @ Belan S/o Satbir R/o # 907, Tin Colony, Sector 52, Chd age 20 yrs and Vikas @ Kalu S/o Phoolkaran R/o # 107, Vill kajheri, Chd and worked out Case FIR no. 89 dt. 17.4.19 u/s 379 added 411 IPC, PS 36, Chd.

The facts of case are that the above said case was registered on the complaint of Karan Sharma S/o Suresh Kumar R/o 554, Vill. Kajheri, sec 52, Chd in which he stated that he has parked his Black colour Splendor M/cycle no. PB 27 (T)-423 in front of his residence on date 12.4.19. Next morning he saw that his bike was stolen by someone.

During the course of investigation, the stolen m/cycle was recovered from their possession. Apart from that another Splendor m/cycle No. PB 65 U 9230, stolen from Mohali was also recovered from their possession and the same has been taken into police possession u/s 102 Cr. PC. From their interrogation, it has been revealed that the accused are drug addicts and used to smell of correction fluid. They used to steal the new vehicles especially two wheelers for joy riding.

Modus Oprandi:-

The modus Oprandi of these accused is that they are very well known to this particular area of crime and used to make recce in odd hours of night. They were targeted especially those vehicle which were parked outside the houses. They always have a tool kit including duplicate/master key, screw drivers, wire cutter & other equipments to break the lock of two wheelers. They have also knowledge how to break the lock and how to start the vehicle without any key.

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