Chandigarh March 14, 2019

              As part of the Chandigarh Science Congress (CHASCON-2019), Section events were carried out at various Science Departments, here today

Section-Life Sciences

Zoology, Anthropology, Institute of Forensic Science and Criminology

            The event which was held in the Department of Zoology, PU started with the quiz competition and the best team was sent for the central participation. 15 oral and 55 poster presentations were made by the participants from various institutions all over the tricity.

            The invited talk “Building resilience in young adults” was delivered by Professor Prabhjot Malhi, Professor in child psychology at Department of Pediatrics, PGIMER, Chandigarh. She discussed cases of attention deficient hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and emphasized on overindulgence and tiger parenting on part of parents were harmful in child development but at the same time parent interaction and involvement with the child were very important. She described many cases of young children suffering from the mental health issues due addiction to pornography. According to her view, vulgar and women objectified music, early exposure to sexual content are mainly responsible for such addiction in young children.

            For building resilience young adult she emphasized encouraging them to adopt hobbies take up physical exercise, do community work and have patience to achieve goals. She also highlighted teaching them importance of failure, building relationships, friendships and respecting others needs. She conclude her session with the message “All young people need role models, not critics”. Her talk was highly applauded by all present.

Section: The Earth and Environmental Science

Department of Geography, Dean International Students and the Department of Geology

            Lecture by Dr. Asher Minns, Executive Director, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK on “Science of Climate Change Communication and Climate Change Trends” organized by Department of Geography, Dean International Students and the Department of Geology.       The sectional presentations included presentations from various branches such as Palaeontology, Environment Science and Structural and Engineering Geology and Hydrology. 

            A quiz was held in the afternoon that was attended by all the participating students and the Research Scholars of the three departments. Four teams participated in the competition.  This was followed by a Poster Session where several students and Research Scholars presented their latest research work.  These oral presentations were judged by highly qualified faculty from Geography and Environment Science Departments.  

Section:           Engineering and Management Sciences

                        The event at University Institute of Engineering & Technology(UIET), witnessed wide participation in which researchers from all over India participated. Some of the reputed institutes that participated are DIHAR-DRDO, Anna University, CSIO-CSIR, CCET, GGDSD College as well as Panjab University.

                        A total of 57 research papers on engineering, management, fashion technology, biotechnology were selected for oral and poster presentation after a rigorous review process.

                        The plenary lecture was given by Prof Sunil K. Singh from CCET on the topic “Computing Reality”. The other judges were Prof. Rama Krishna Challa, NITTTR, Prof. Seema Kapoor, Dr. SSBUICET, Dr. Monika Aggarwal, UIAMS and Dr. Ajay Mittal, UIET.

                        The event was conducted under the leadership of Prof. Savita Gupta, Section President and Director, UIET.

Section:           Mathematical Sciences

Department of Mathematics

                        The session started with the expert talk by Dr. Subash Chandra Martha, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar. The title of his talk was “Modelling on Wave Structure Interaction and Application”.  He discussed about the mathematical model of the interaction of surface waves with a fixed obstacle which has wide applications in the fields of engineering. .

                        The delegates presented their research work through oral and poster presentations. There were total 68 registered delegates from Mathematics, Statistics and Computer science from various parts of the region who participated in CHASCON-2019 under Mathematical sciences section on 14th March 2019. There were 22 oral presentations and 03 poster presentations. 

                        Among oral presentations, three best oral presentations were selected from respective departments and one best poster was selected among all posters.

                        This program was coordinated by Prof. R. K. Singla, Dean Research and Section president.

Section:           Pharmaceutical Sciences

University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

                        The Department witnessed highest number of participation. The sectional President Prof. Maninder Karan and sectional secretary Dr. Jai Malik briefed, that there were more than 200 registered participants from several states including Himachal Pradesh (25), Punjab (20), Haryana (10), Uttar Pradesh (5), Uttrakhand (10) and Chandigarh.

                        Apart from 90 poster and 12 oral presentations, sectional quiz was also organized by Dr. Vandita Kakkar, Dr. Amita and Dr. Ashok Yadav. Out of 16 participating teams 2 top team comprising of  Yashita and Udaibir as 1st and  Dhruvi and Jitender as 2nd were also felicitated by Prof. Kanwaljit Chopra, Chairperson, UIPS.

                        The program also included poster session conducted by Dr. Anurag Kuhad and Dr. Ashwani Kumar. There were 90 posters presented by research scholars, post-graduates and under-graduate students highlighting their research.

                        Similarly technical and oral sessions conducted by Dr. Neelima and Dr. Sangeeta, consisted of 2 invited talks and  12 oral presentations. Prof. Parikshit Bansal , Ex-Head IPR Cell , NIPER, Mohali who is also an inventor, thought leader and IP educator delivered talk on “New career Opportunities for students in Pharmaceutical Sciences in area of patents”. Dr. Neeraj Mehta, a UIPS alumnus from Wiley Sciences apprised the delegates and students about new emerging career opportunities in Pharma profession.

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