Chandigarh March 1, 2019      

1st March, 2019

Department of Zoology, Panjab University, Chandigarh

            Annual Sports Day of the Department of Zoology was celebrated at the main ground of Panjab University, Chandigarh, here today with great zeal and fervor. Over 180 undergraduate and postgraduate students, 50 research scholars displayed their sports skills.  

            Dr. Harpreet Kaur, Chairperson congratulated the students for enthusiastically participating in the event and showing sportsmanship. Dr. Archana Chauhan, President, Panjab University Zoological Society (PUZS) told that sports day is the most awaited event of the year in the department. The day is marked by holding various competitions of track and field. It includes 50m race,100m race 100m relay race, three leg race, lemon race discus throw, shot put throw, long jump, lemon race, tug of war, football, volleyball and cricket match. This year the main attraction of the sports day was Tug of War between girls and boys, in which girls won the match. Another attraction was mixed 100m relay race of girls and boys. The faulty also showed sportsmanship by participating in the lemon race.

Winners of different games are as follow:

Winner of 100m race (boys)- Mr. Parampal singh

Winner of 100m relay race (boys & girls Mix)- Mr. Bhasharat Ali and Ms. Megha

Winner of 100m relay race (girls only)- Ms. Shimona and Ms. Pooja

Winner of 50m race (girls)- Ms. Shimona

Winner of 100m race (girls)- Ms. Shimona

Winner of shot-put throw (girls)- Ms. Dilnaaz

Winner of shot-put throw (boys)- Mr. Siddharat

Winner of discus throw (girls)- Ms. Pooja

Winner of discus throw (boys)- Mr. Siddharat

Winner of javelin throw (girls)-Ms. Abhinandana

Winner of javelin throw (boys)-Mr. Ritik Ranjan

Winner of lemon race (girls)- Ms. Aashima

Winner of Three-leg race (girls)-Ms. Bhawana

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