Two days International Conference on Global Issues in Management

Chandigarh February 27, 2019

        University Business School (UBS), Panjab University(PU), ushered the 
exploration of issues that the business world faces in form of an International Conference on Global Issues  in Management. 
        The conference was organized by UBS in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University (NTU), UK and Western Sydney University (WSU), Australia. The objective of the conference was to promote collaborative excellence between academicians and professionals from the corporate world. It was an endeavour to bring the various stakeholders of education industry onto common platform, in order to understand 
perceptions and prerequisites of other stakeholders. 
The conference was organized by Dr. Purva Kansal, Dr. Tejinder Pal singh and Dr. Tilak Raj under the guidance of the chairperson of UBS Prof. Deepak Kapur. 
        According to Dr. Purva Kansal, conference coordinator, the conference  was spread over two days i.e. 25th and 26th Feb 2019., Research Symposium and Research Workshop titled “Issues in Management and Research” was organized in UBS on 25th of February 2019. 
        Members of both NTU and WSU deliberated on a wide range of topics like Management Challenges in the era of Knowledge Economy / research methodologies, problems and solution in the area of social research to academic writing to Financial Resilience in Local Governments. 
        There were six resource persons for this workshop i.e. Prof. Athula Ginige, Deans Unit School of Computing, Engineering & Math, WSU, Sydney; Dr. Simi Bajaj, ACA – Information Systems (Parramatta), Computing & ICT, Lecturer,, Computing & ICT, WSU, Sydney; Prof. Wayne Fallon, Associate Dean, International (India), Human Resources and Management (SoBus) Senior Lecturer, Human Resources and Management (SoBus), WSU, 
Sydney; Prof. Premaratne Samaranayake, Sr. Lecturer, Human Resources and Management (SoBus), WSU, Sydney; Prof. William Rossiter, Associate Professor Nottingham Business School Staff Group(s) Department of Economics, NTU, UK and  Prof. Martin Jones, Head of Department Nottingham Business School Department of Accounting and Finance, NTU, UK. The resource persons deliberated on wide range of issues and provided the audience a platform to understand research happening get international level and also helping them understand the nuances of international collaborations and research. 
        Research workshop was inaugurated by  Prof. Keshav Malhotra, Dean of management and commerce and the keynote speaker to this workshop was Prof. S.K. Chadha.  On the second day the conference was inaugurated by Andrew Ayre, British Deputy High Commissioner, Chandigarh, India. Mr. Ayre stressed on the need for more such initiatives.  He highlighted that success is not how ones organization runs when you are threre, but how it runs when you are not there. 

        Prof. William Rossiter talked about International Value chains and Issues researchers should be looking at in international research.

        The panel discussion was moderated by Prof. Anupam Bawa on a theme titled “Managing Businesses Across Countires – A cross cultural perspective”.  The panel members consisted of Ms Komal Sharma Talwar, Founder, TT Consultants & XLPAT Labs, Mr Katsuharu Tanaka, Executive Vice President ( Projects),  SML Isuzu Ltd., Dr. Wayne Fallon, Associate Dean International School of Business, Western Sydney University, Dr. Anton Reinfelder, Managing Director, Groz-Beckert Asia and Mr. Viney Sharma, 
former Economic Times Bureau Chief, now based in Toronto and writes on Indian Diaspora. 
        The panel discussed various issues that plague the cross cultural businesses and how expatriates can be conditioned to cross cultural issues. The discussion also talked about issues the effects of the culture and global citizenship and how companies accustomed to global vs local debate. 
        The panel discussion was followed by paper presentation. Talking about the conference Prof. Deepak Kapur, Chairman UBS said that there were 12 sessions in all and there were more than 100 paper presentations  in area of finance, marketing., Human resource, operations  and  strategy. The conference was attended by participants all over India. The coordinators have published selected papers with six journals.

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