Traffic Advisory for Rose Festival-2019

                   Keeping in view of the safety of the pedestrians during the Rose Festival-2019, the following roads are declared as “Vehicle Free Zone” on 23.2.2019 and 24.2.2019 from 11.00 AM to 8.00 PM:-

  1. Both carriageways of road stretch from Sector 16/17 Light Point upto Matka Chowk on Jan Marg.
  2. Both carriageways of road stretch from GMSH Sector 16 (Sector 15-16/10/11 Chowk) upto Matka Chowk (Sector 16/17-9/10 Chowk) on Madhya Marg.

        The road users are therefore, advised to make use of alternate routes during the dates and timings as given above. The movement of emergency vehicles will be facilitated on the abovesaid route.

        Inconvenience caused to the general public on account of these restrictions is regretted. General public is requested to cooperate with the police.

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