“CAP” protested against the implementation of House Tax and Property tax on the 13 villages.

Rakesh Shah, Chandigarh

“Chandigarh Ki Aawaz Party” protested outside Municipal Corporation Office against the implementation of House Tax and Property tax on the 13 villages.

Today, on 30th January, 2019 villagers along with party volunteers of Chandigarh Ki Aawaz Party protested outside Municipal Corporation office, Chandigarh. Lok Sabha Candidate of CAP, Avinash Singh Sharma said that the condition today in the villages is worse. He even said that it has not even been a month since it’s added to Municipal Corporation but BJP in the name of development has started applying taxes on the poor villagers. He raised question on the work done by present MP Kirron kher and it’s ruling party which holds power in Municipal Corporation as well as past Panchayats. Municipal Corporation also wants to increase the taxes in various sectors but instead of increasing these they should focus upon increasing the facilities being provided to the residents of Sectors. Had Kirron Kher wanted, she could have stopped the addition of 13 villages into Corporation just how she stopped metro project at the last moment. But BJP’s prime motive is to fool people in the name of development. He added that people living in these villages belonged to poor and medium class who ran their families by the means of animal domestication and agriculture. However BJP after the addition of villages to Corporation brought animal domestication to an end leading to unemployment of villagers. Villagers had already gone through a lot of traumas last month, now this taxes burden is going to lead them to serious mental tortures. Avinash Singh Sharma raised a question for Kirron Kher saying, ” Is snatching people’s right to employment and implementing various taxes on people the only principle of BJP Government”?          National President of CAP, Kamal Kishore Sharma said that now it should be witnessed by everyone whether Kirron Kher provide any answer or not. If she does not answers their raised questions, People would get to know the hypocrite nature of BJP Government and would take their revenge by voting against the Party.       In the manner how Chandigarh Ki Aawaz Party (CAP) is leading a role as Opposition on the Public issues being faced by the people of Chandigarh,It has led major parties here to a challenging situation. Lok Sabha elections this time will be quite interesting to witness.

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