ALL INDIA BANK OFFICERS’ CONFEDERATION (AIBOC), the apex body of Bank Officers’ trade union movement comprising over 3,20,000 members announces a nationwide strike call on 21st December, 2018 demanding inter-alia, full and unconditional mandate for the XIth Bi-partite wage revision talks based on Charter of Demands submitted by four Officers’ organisations viz. AIBOC, AIBOA, NOBO and INBOC on the minimum wages concept, Focus on Core Business and NPA Recovery, Abolishing New Pension Scheme, Updation/Revision of Pension and Family Pension et al; while opposing the Amalgamation of Vijaya Bank, Dena Bank and Bank of Baroda, Merger/amalgamation of Regional Rural Banks, Attack and Assault on Bank officers across the country, Reduction of existing medical benefits, Steep hike in insurance premium of retirees etc.

It is worthwhile mentioning here that the Department of Financial Services, as early as on 12th January 2016 had urged the IBA and the member Banks to expedite the process so that the new wage structure can be implemented on the effective date i.e. 01st November 2017.  In spite of this communication and also many reminders from the Government, the negotiations ultimately commenced only on 02nd May 2017!

AIBOC notes with serious concern that absolutely no headway has been made in the process so far even after the elapse of 19 months since the discussions have begun. The lack of urgency becomes quite evident when one considers the fact that IBA has not been able to obtain “Unconditional Mandate”, the basic authority given by all the member Banks to IBA to negotiate on their behalf with the trade unions, from 5 Major Banks till date!  It has been a practice in the Bipartite Settlements so far, to negotiate salary structure of officers up to Scale VII.

AIBOC believes that it is nothing but a farcical logic to restrict the wage negotiations up to the officers in scale III whereas the entire officer community is covered under unified Service Regulations.

AIBOC strongly opposes the current move to restrict the salary settlements only up to Scale III by citing non-receipt of the ‘unconditional mandates’ from 5 Banks as a reason whereas as many as 15 Banks from the Public Sector and 2 Private Sector Banks have already given ‘unconditional mandates’.

AIBOC in its charter of demand submitted to IBA for negotiations have clearly demanded that the salary settlement for the officer community has to be on ‘Minimum Wage Concept’.  Negotiating Committee of the IBA seems to be showing scant regard for this important demand so far has not come out to discuss with us based on the lines of minimum wage concept and equal work-equal wage principle stressed upon in the Charter of Demands, thereby digressing once again from the Pillai Committee Recommendation of restoring parity in wages and perquisites of Bank Officers with Civil Service Officers. Instead of discussing based on our charter of demands, IBA has been offering pittance in terms of percentages in the negotiations so far.  AIBOC representatives had excused themselves during the wage revision talks held on 30th November, 2018 on failing to get any assurance from IBA on the mandate issue.

The strike call also features the burning issue of the announcement proposing to merge 3 Public Sector Banks and the consolidation of Regional Rural Banks. The merger announcement dated 17th September 2018, proposing to merge Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank & Dena Bank was defying all norms, even defying the parliament.  This is not only detrimental to the Indian Banking Industry, but inimical to the interest of the common man. AIBOC is protesting and mobilizing public opinion against this proposed merger across the country. The merger of PSU Banks along with Regional Rural Banks will result in closure of hundreds of Bank branches and affect the flow of credit to the rural sector, which will affect the agriculturists, farmers, MSMEs, SHGs, Women, students and the common man. We have also explored legal options in this regard by filing a Writ Petition in the Delhi High Court.  The merger of State Bank of India with its Associate Banks has already evinced that it was a disaster as SBI posted a humongous loss in FY’18. AIBOC will oppose this proposal in all possible forums.

The corporate masters who are trying to enter the Public Sector Banking space are already showing their true colour in Catholic Syrian Bank by unleashing mayhem inside the Bank.  The HR situation in IDBI Bank is a key issue in our strike call. AIBOC will be in the forefront in both these institutions to ensure that sanity is restored and normalcy returned.

Issues explained above will show that situations are allowed to worsen in many spheres so that a congenial atmosphere is created for the backdoor entry of corporates and NBFCs as probable saviours into the Indian Banking Industry. Whereas it is crystal clear that, it is the ‘Public Sector Banks’ who have shouldered the responsibilities of ‘Nation Building’  and there is no case here for any saviour per se.  AIBOC will make all out efforts to ensure that the sanctity of the Public Sector is preserved and the common man will have no barriers in accessing basic Banking Needs.

AIBOC will, therefore, observe a 24 hour Nationwide Strike on 21st December 2018 Opposing:-

 IBA’s reluctance to honour the ‘unconditional mandate’ submitted by the majority of the Banks   and limiting the scope of the Bipartite Negotiations only up to scale III.


  • The proposed merger of Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank and the amalgamation of Regional Rural Banks


  • IBA’s reluctance to carry forward the negotiations as per the charter of demand submitted by the 4 Officers’ organisations


  • Unabated attack on Bankers in various parts of the country while discharging official duties.


  • Unilateral reduction of medical benefits of officers.


  • Dictatorial and oppressive regime in Catholic Syrian Bank and major HR issues in IDBI Bank


And other related issues.


More than 800 members of AIBOC from all the Banks assembled in front of Punjab National Bank, Bank square, Sector 17, Chandigarh today i.e. on 11.12.2018. Addressing to the gathering, Com. Deepak K Sharma, Jt. General Secretary, AIBOC and General Secretary, SBI Officers’ Association, Chandigarh Circle apprised the members that the proposed 24 hour Strike on 21st December, 2018 would be preceded by a series of massive agitation programmes across all the major centres and district headquarters, wearing of demand badges, display of posters at all Bank branches / offices / railway stations / bus stands, lunch time / evening time rally / demonstrations at all branches / offices and a Centralized Dharna at Delhi and at all State capitals and submission of Memorandum to the Hon’ble Finance Minister. The other members included Com. T S Saggu, State Secretary, AIBOC, Com. Sanjay Sharma, Convener UFBU Chandigarh,  Com Ashok Goyal, General Secretary, PNB Officers’ Association, Com. R K Arora, General Secretary, UCO Bank Officers’ Association,     Com. Sachin Katyal, General Secretary, Allahabad Bank Officers’ Association, Com. Shivani Sharma, Bank of India Officers’ Association , Com Nisha Kumari, Vijya Bank Officers’ Association, Com Navvrn Nishchal, Union Bank of India Officers’ Association, Com. Vipan Berri, Dy General Secretary, AIBOC Chandigarh, Com. Harvinder Singh, Vice President, AIBOC Chandigarh, Com. V. Trighatia, Vice President, AIBOC Chandigarh, Com. Naveen Jha, Corporation Bank Officers’ Association and Com. Balvinder Singh, IOB Officers’ Association.

 AIBOC is confident that all stakeholders will spontaneously join the movement and make the strike a grand success.

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