Beef lover Historian Ramachandra Guha receives threatening calls

After a magical morning in Old Goa we had lunch in Panaji, where—since this is a BJP ruled state—I decided to eat beef in celebration

He said he had not filed any formal complaint, he had in fact informed a senior police official about the calls.

Now the question arises why? He is scared that he may not meet Gauri Lankesh’s Fate, he certainly needs security he should file a formal complaint against the mobile number owner and he must bring this matter to an end.

Two days after posting a photo of himself eating beef in Goa, Bengaluru-based author and historian Ramachandra Guha tweeted saying he had received threatening calls.

He told media persons in Bengaluru that the threatening calls started coming on his landline on Sunday morning.

Earlier in the day, he put out two tweets. In one, he said: “I have received threatening calls from a man calling himself Sanjay from Delhi. His number is +91-9X3X1-3X6X8 (number hidden on purpose). He threatened my wife as well as me. This is for the record.”

Replying to 

You are not enjoying a meal while eating beef and sharing the picture on social are purposely mocking at the faith of millions. Suit yourself. How your ‘secular ‘ mindset has turned you into a totally insensitive human being is not difficult to see.

Within minutes, he put out a second tweet stating: “This threatening tweet below is from a former official of the Research and Analysis Wing. I would like to place it on record, and will do with every subsequent threat received.”

He told news men that while he had not filed any formal complaint, he had in fact informed a senior police official about the calls. “In the light of Gauri Lankesh murder and long hitlist, I thought I should keep the police informed… The photo was unnecessary, but I stand by my views,” he said.

Meanwhile, In another tweet, Mr. Guha said: “I have deleted the photo of my lunch in Goa as it was in poor taste. I do wish however to again highlight the absolute hypocrisy of the BJP in the matter of beef, and to reiterate my own belief that humans must have the right to eat, dress, and fall in love as they choose.”

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