Punjab on high alert


Sources said that all the four accused had hired the taxi from Jammu to Amritsar in Punjab and had dinner at a restaurant near Samba in Jammu where they picked up a quarrel with the owner.



Alert has been sounded in Pathankot-Kathua regions on Punjab-J&K border after four persons hijacked a taxi on gun point in Madhopur.
“As per initial reports, four persons hijacked a taxi having J&K registration (JK02AW-0922) Silver Colour, Innova from Madhopur between Punjab-Kathua,” police sources here said.
They said that as per driver namely Raj Kumar, son of Babu Ram, resident of Saza, district Doda, four persons hired the taxi from Jammu for Pathankot on Tuesday night and on reaching Madhopur, they pointed revolver at him and fled away with the vehicle leaving him injured.
“Alert has been sounded and manhunt launched in Pathankot and other adjoining areas to track them with the vehicle,” they said.
Meanwhile, a senior officer of J&K Police said that initially nothing can be said whether the hijackers were terrorists or it is a foul play by some mischief persons.
“We are in regular touch with the Punjab Police,” they added. Vice President of Railways Taxi Union, Rajvinder Singh said that on seeing CCTV footage, four men were seen boarding the taxi.
“They were asked to hire a small car as they were four in number but they did agree and after paying an amount of Rs 3550, they booked Innova in the name of Major Sarabjeet,” said the Taxi Union leader.
He said that as per the driver, who called them after an incident, said that the occupants were communicating in “pure” Punjabi language, which is often spoken in Pakistan and they stopped once at Kathua for meals.
“At Madhopur where token is deposited, the driver was about to step out but the travellers, beat him and fled away with vehicle,” said the Union leader. He added that they are in regular touch with the Punjab Police.
“If the occupants claimed that they were Army men at Lakhanpur Toll, the duty men should have checked their identity cards to prevent this incidence,” he added and said that prompt action is required so that major incident can be foiled. However, security has been tightened on Jammu-Pathankot national highway while check points are also raised

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