Chandigarh Police organised “Know Your Case” & “Public Greviences Redressal Camp”

Chandigarh, 03.11.2018:


Now as “Know Your Case Scheme & Public Grievances Redressal Camp” of Chandigarh police has been organized in unified way i.e. on every 1st Saturday of every month. The objective of these schemes is to provide easily accessible and speedy machinery for redressal of grievances. Implementation of these directives on a sustained basis would go a long way in creating confidence in public.

 “Know your case” scheme was launched by Chandigarh Police in 2013 under the title to bring greater transparency and accountability in police functioning. Under this scheme, citizen visits the concerned Police Stations/units and also in Traffic Lines Sector-29, Chandigarh to check the status of their cases, complaints and also traffic challans. Under this scheme, complainant can visit the concerned police station/unit to know the status of investigation/inquiry.

To bring greater transparency and accountability in police functioning, Chandigarh Police also launched another scheme under title “Public Grievances Redress Campaign” in July 2017 in all police stations of Chandigarh to redress grievances/complaints of public. The main idea behind this scheme is to redress/dispose maximum complaints/grievances of general public more effectively and in the short span of time.


Today 03.11.2018Know your case & Public Grievances Redressal Campaign was organized in all police stations/units from 10 AM to 2 PM. The SDPO’s and concerned DSP’s personally supervise this campaign.  During this, total 434 persons visited the Police Stations, units under these schemes. 398 persons visited under Public Grievances camp and 36 persons visited under Know your case Scheme. Total 283 complaints have been disposed off during Public Grievances Redressal camp. SDPOs of each sub-division also reviewed the process personally by spending adequate time at police stations of their sub-division. The facts of complaints were discussed with complainants. During the camp problems/issues discussed and instructions/directions regarding these have been issued to concerned Police officials/Beat staff to comply with accordingly.

During the meeting a healthy interaction was made between police and public. The police station wise detail is as under:-


Public Grievances Redress campaign


Sr. No. Police Station/Unit Number of persons visited Total Complaints disposed off during PGRC Campaign
1. PS-03 05 09
2. PS-11 25 11
4. PS-17 25 22
5. PS-19 08 05
6. PS-26 08 23
7. PS- IND. AREA 12 07
8. PS-MM 06 02
9. PS-Mauli Jagran 12 00
10. PS-IT PARK 15 10
11. PS-31 64 35
12. PS-34 51 37
13. PS-36 49 39
14. PS-39 18 18
15. PS-49 15 15
16. PS-MALOYA 16 10
Other Units
17. CCIC 13 04
18. EOW 02 00
19. W&CSU 102 11
20. Crime 00 00
21. Ops. Cell 00 00
22. Traffic 00 00
               Total 584 307



Detail of Know Your Case Scheme


         Sr. No. Police Station/Unit Number of persons visited during KYC
1. PS-03
2. PS-11
4. PS-17 05
5. PS-19
6. PS-26
8. PS-MM
9. PS-Mauli Jagran 1
11. PS-31
12. PS-34 20
13. PS-36 02
14. PS-39
15. PS-49 03
Other Units
17. CCIC 01
18. EOW 02
19. W&CSU
20 Crime
21. Ops. Cell
22. Traffic 
               Total 36



Issued by

Chandigarh Police





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