Suspected IB sleuths held outside Alok Verma’s residence in Delhi

We are verifying their identity, says Home Ministry

Four men, allegedly belonging to the Intelligence Bureau, were held outside the official residence of CBI director Alok Verma in the early hours on Thursday.

Mr. Verma who was stripped of all official functions a day ago, was present at the 2 Janpath bungalow, when his personal security officers spotted a suspicious white colour car parked in a lane opposite the house.

All the four were held by the PSOs and apprehended for questioning. The Delhi police was also informed about the suspected persons.

An official present at the bungalow claimed that the persons belonged to the Intelligence Bureau (IB). “We have obtained their ID cards, CGHS card and Aadhar card. Their identities will be verified with their concerned department. They have been handed over to local police for further questioning,” said a police official.

The officer refused to comment whether the ‘IB officers’ were purportedly snooping on Mr. Verma.

When contacted, a senior Home Ministry official said, “we are verifying if they belonged to the IB.

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