Police nabbed two under “Roko-Toko”


Chandigarh police achieved a major success by nabbing the person namely (1) Bharat Lal S/o Ram Bilash  R/o 1855 A EWS Dhanas age 19 yrs (2) Anil Kumar @ Batisi S/o Suraj kumar R/o # 90 PH 2 BDC Sec 26 CHD age 21 yrs, who were involved in vehicle theft cases.

On 02.10.18 a case FIR NO.408/18  U/S 379 IPC PS MM registered on the complaint of Suhail S/o MohdMatloob R/o #1546/2 Mori Gate Manimajra, UT, Chandigarh. He stated that on 19.09.18 he went with his friend Gulzar at H No. R/o # 1118/12 Govindpura MM Chd and parked, his Activa No.CH 01 AP 3092 Grey Colour infront of # 1118/12 Govindpura, Mani Majra. But next morning he saw that his Scootor was not there which was stolen by unknown person.

Regarding the theft a team of SHO Mani Majra Insp. Ranjit Singh along with others officials has constituted under the supervision of DSP Harjeet Kaur SDPO/East to nab the accused. In this regard on dated 07.10.18 on secret information naka was laid near FR and intense checking under Roko –Toko  was done. During checking 2 boys were apprehended riding stolen vehicle activa and documents recovered from their possession. During interrogation alleged namely (1) Bharat Lal S/o Ram Bilash  R/o 1855 A EWS Dhanas age 19 yrs (2) Anil Kumar @ Batisi S/o Suraj kumar R/o # 90 PH 2 BDC Sec 26 CHD age 21 yrs arrested on 7.10.18. During investigation they disclosed that have also stolen other vehicles from tricityand  parked the different area of Chandigarh. Police remand of two days of both accused obtained in Case FIR NO. 77/18 U/S 379 IPC PS MM  and  stolen  Scooter Eterno no. HR 49B 2992, recovered from back side FR parking as per their disclosure. During further interrogation other stolen vehicles also recovered on their identification which were stolen from the different areas of tricity and parked in different parking area of Chandigarh. The below mention vehicles is as under :-


Sr No. Vehicle no. Type of vehicle FIR NO


1. CH 01AF 3092

Chassi no. ME4JC447FC8031858

Engine No. JC44E2143103

Activa 408/18



2. HR 49B 2992

Chassi No. ME4KF072G88013058

Engine No. KF07E9269469

ETERNO-150 77/18


379 IPC

3. HR03N-3306

Chassi No. MF41C448KB8571081

Engine No. JC44E1682082

Activa 102 CR.P.C
4. With out No. plate

Engine JF21E0136471

Jupiter 102 CR.P.C
5. CH03K8546

Chassi No. DDFBJG82954

Engine No. G64037

M/C 102 CR.P.C
6. With out No. Plate/hero Honda

Chassi No. 07L03C16403

Engine No. 07L15M15502

M/C 102 CR.P.C
7. With out No. Plate

Chassi No. 05D27F08400

Engine No. 05D27E06500

M/C Splender 102 CR.P.C
8. HR 24Q 7698

Chasi No. MD2A11CZ9CCD65634

Engine No. DHZCCD64722

Activa 102 CR.P.C


       Total 8 vehicles recovered and vehicle approximately value is Rs 2 lakhs 50 thousand

During further investigation, it has been found that accused also involved in burglary cases and as per their disclosure Two cases of burglary at Main Market shops of Mani Majra worked out and as per their disclosure the recovery has been made out are as under.

Sr. No. FIR NO. & Date & U/S Recovered Articles
1. 57 Dt.29.01.18 U/S 380,457 IPC Articles recovered
2. 348 Dt. 13.08.18 U/S 380,457 IPC Articles recovered

Further it has came to light that both the accused persons are habitual and were involved in various cases as mentioned below:-

  1. Bharat Lal S/o Ram Bilash R/o 1855 A EWS Dhanas age 19 yrs
Sr. No. FIR NO & Date & U/S Police Station
1. 20 Dt. 16.01.16 U/S 379,411 IPC PS 26
2. 26 Dt. 01.03.16 U/S 380,457,411 IPC PS Sarangpur
3. 57 Dt. 05.03.16 U/S 380,457,411 IPC PS 26
4. 36 Dt. 03.03.17 U/S 379,356,411 IPC PS Sarangpur
5. 30 Dt. 03.02.18 U/S 341,323,34 IPC PS Sarangpur


2.Anil Kumar @ Batisi S/o Suraj kumar R/o # 90 PH 2 BDC Sec 26 CHD age 21 yrs


Sr. No. FIR NO & Date & U/S Police Station
1. 291 Dt. 04.07.14 U/S 379,411 IPC PS 11


Profile :-

Name: –                Bharat Lal age 19 Yrs.

Father Name: –    Ram bilash

Address: –   R/o 1855 A EWS Dhanas.

Qualification: –     8th Pass

Profession: –         Unemployed



Name: –                 Anil Kumar @ Batishi age 21 yrs.

Father Name: –     suraj kumar

Address: –    R/o # 90 PH 2 BDC Sec 26 CHD

Qualification: –      6th Pass

Profession: –          Unemployed



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