Meeting with Ram Leela Societies held and a set of instructions/ guidelines is given

Sri Ram Leela being celebrated at 49 places in the city w.e.f. 9th to 20th October, 2018.  Adequate Police, Security and Traffic arrangements have been made for the proper maintenance of law & order at all the places by deploying DSPs-03, SHOs/Inprs-16 and NGOs/ORs/L-ORs-309. During the Sri Ram Leela celebrations PCR patrolling is being intensified and special checking is also being conducted at all the outer borders. In addition to above Director Health Services, UT has been intimated to keep ambulance and hospital staff on alert and Chief Fire Officer to keep all the Fire Stations on high alert.

In this regard SSP/UT hold a special meeting with the organizers of main Ram Leelas in office at   PHQ, Sec.9, Chandigarh at 1:00PM on 09-10-2018 to brief them to follow all the guidelines and   security measures laid down by the Chandigarh Administration.

Also a set of Instructions / Guidelines for the Celebration of Ram Leela is given.



  1. The timings of staging Ram Leela should be strictly observed as per written permission by DM/UT, SSP/UT Office.


  1. The organizers will submit a list of 25 able bodied volunteers or as prescribed by SHO, for each Ram Leela alongwith their photographs for preparation of identity Cards to be displayed by the volunteers at the time of their duty to the area SHO. Identity Cards should be issued by the area SHO/Beat Incharge.


  1. The organizer will have to obtain separate permissions using the space in respect of venue selected for Ram Leela and Dushera events.


  1. Besides above 25 volunteers, the organizers will also raise more volunteers who will be active and remain on duty in each Ram Leela from the start and till dispersal of the public.


  1. A Cycle/Scooter stand will be provided by the organizers and managed by their volunteers at the distant place from the actual stage of Ram Leela. No jhoola etc. will be permitted. The people coming to witness Ram Leela Should be carefully watched and none should be allowed to carry any concealed article in Ram Leela.


  1. Special announcement should be made not to carry jhola, bag, brief-case, transistors etc, at the place of function and anything suspicious or unattended, if noticed near the place of function should not be touched by anyone and should be immediately brought to the notice of Police Control Room (Phone No. of Police Control Room : 100).


  1. The stage and backside of the stage should be properly managed and no unknown person be allowed to enter there.


  1. Barricading around Ram Leela premises would be erected by the organizers and there would be frisking by volunteers at each and every entry gate under Police Supervision.


  1. Proper lighting arrangements i.e. floodlights should be proided at the place of function and its surrounds by the organizers. In case of failure of electricity, the organizers must have generator with them to cope the situation.


  1. Proper security search of the area / ground before the function / Ram Leela should be carried out by each organizer daily in consultation with police.


  1. The stall/food vendors should be allowed at the places earmarked for the purpose by the organizers in consultation with police.


  1. On each site entry morcha with sand bags shall be constructed at strategic place where two armed sentries will be mounted by rotation throughout the function by the police.


  1. The loudspeakers should be played at low pitch.


  1. Efforts should be made to display scene from Shree Ramayana and no vulgar type of scenes/songs be permitted on the stage.


  1. No Ram Leela performance/play/pantomime or other drama which is deliberately intended to outrage the religious feelings of any class of citizens by insulting or blaspheming or profaning the religion or the religious belief of that class or is grossly indecent or its scurrilous or obscene or intended for blackmail is allowed.


  1. Installation of fire extinguisher equipments near the stage.


  1. Installation of sufficient No. of CCTV cameras at the place of function.


  1. There should be proper gap between stage and public.


  1. That the organizer will be responsible for any mishap / accident during the event and also will responsible for loss of all type of Public/Government/Private property.


  1. That they will ensure that a situation is not created where law enforcement agencies have to resort to use of force for the dispersal of unlawful assembles/unruly crowd.


  1. That the organizer should make liaison with the police officials on duty to avoid any untoward incident.


  1. That no decorative paper/synthetic material should be used anywhere in the Pandal/Structure.


  1. That water should be stored in fire-buckets / drums kept in readiness for use. Half quantity may be kept inside the temporary pandal/structure and the other half outside limits immediate vicinity. The buckets or receptacles duly having signage of water should at all times be readily available for immediate use for dealing with the fires.


  1. This NOC can be cancelled at any time on law & order/administrative ground.



  1. Proper security search of the area/ground before the function/Ram Leela should be carried out by each organizer daily in consultation with police.


  1. The stall/food vendors should be allowed at earmarked places by the organizers or by the competent authorities of UT, Chd, in consultation with the police.


  1. The permission to use the loudspeaker shall be taken separately from the o/o Distt. Magistrate, UT Chandigarh by the organizers and follow all the instructions laid down by the competent authorities.






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