Strike by chemists is totally unjustified and uncalled harassment to people should be banned and action taken against erring harassers

Today when I required a eye drop for my use and I was shocked to know that there is a strike by all chemists in Tricity. There is no advance notice there is no news in today’s newspapers. Being a Senior Citizen and a family man I need to purchase medicine almost every day and you al will agree that medicines cannot be stocked much in advance and no one will like to do that. Being a regular purchaser of medicines I know how the chemist behave with customers, they over charge, sell spurious medicines and selling medicines of same salt is very common not only these days but going on since long. The MRP on medicines its purchase price and selling rates differ a lot. Keeping in view their profiteering done by chemists we all Senior Citizens favor online sale of medicines with heavy discounts.

Keeping in view the emergency nature of issue and large numbers of patients who are suffering today due to non-availability of essential medicines. I think Health Deptt and Drug Inspector should take immediate action to see that all chemists follow the rules strictly  and also take strict action and stop their strike and also Govt should start selling all medicines in their own shops set up in hospitals.

Govts have to work out possibilities t find out if their strike can be declared illegal under Essential Commodity Act

IF ANY BODY DIES DUE TO NON AVAILABILITY OF MEDICINES TODAY THE WHOLE responsibility should lie on striking chemists.

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