Protocol Revision: Prez loses ‘majesty’ status, no ‘honourable’ tag for ministers

Chandigarh: September 24, 2018: Department of General Administration, Punjab, has directed all government officers to stop using salutation for the President as “His/Her excellency ” and the ministers as “Honourable”.

From now on, the officers will use “Mahodya” and “Ji” during communications.

The directions have been issued on basis of a letter issued by Joint Secretary, Government of India, Daniel E Richards in which he drew attention to the office memorandum issued by the Home Ministry on January 31, 2013, which cited that official language be put into use instead of the usual salutations.

In the communique sent to officers in Punjab, it has been directed that the in the official communications, Governor should be addressed as “Rajyapal ji” and during public appearances, he/she should be addressed as “Rajyapal Mahodya”.

Similarly, Chief Minister should simply be addressed as “chief minister ji” in the official communications and be addressed as “chief minister Punjab” during public appearances. The President would be simply called “Rashtrapati ji” in official terms and “Rashtrapati Mahodya” during public appearances, functions, gatherings, etc.

As per the official language, the ministers shall be addressed on basis of departments under their jurisdiction. For example, minister of the health department be titled as “health minister”. During any public gatherings, “Ji” would be added to the title, for example, “health minister ji”.

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