Preparation & Sale of Low Cost Nutritious Snacks at Home Science College


Chandigarh, 20th September, 2018:

Keeping up with the theme of Poshan Maah, to overcome under nutrition and stunting in growing young children the Post Graduate students of Government Home Science College, Chandigarh have set up a special kiosk on the campus for display and sale of low cost nutritious snacks. They prepared healthy cakes and muffins using variations in ingredients such as whole wheat, oats, ragi, bajra, wheat bran instead of maida. To enhance the protein content fsoya flour, flax seeds, groundnut, nuts, pumpkin seeds were added. All these items were sold at low prices in the campus.

The students gave demonstration on healthier alternatives such as using banana and other fruits to reduce the use of refined sugar. Use of carrots and pumpkin to increase Vitamin A content and use of jaggery to increase iron content was also advocated. Simple tips to make tiffins more attractive, colorful for school going children were given. Use of left over water after boiling vegetables, using cooked vegetables to knead dough and adding variety in methods of cooking was discussed.

A presentation was also held for 150 participants comprising of (76 women attending NULM training in Fashion Designing in the college, support staff and undergraduate students) on using varied household methods of enhancing nutritive value of foods such as soaking, germination, fermentation, mutual supplementation of food.

Principal Prof. Sudha Katyal appreciated the efforts and encouraged the students to spread the message of good nutrition further and emphasized the need to use such healthy practices at home to ensure good health for one and all.

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