Receiving no good response to Bandh, Congress workers attack school bus, private vehicles, throw stone at trains attacking passengers!


The Congress and few of its allies had called for Bharat Bandh today to protest against the fuel price and the central government. However, the bandh call has not been successful as people felt it was a gimmick of the Congress party to utilize the situation for their benefits. It is well known that in 2013, the petrol prices under Congress had reached Rs 84 and then PM Manmohan Singh had vaguely said that they were unable to control the price because of global crisis.

But what congress has forgotten is, it was Modi government who has repaid the credit value of over 2 Lakh crore to the oil companies which were due since 5 years. This information was clarified 2 months back by the Petroleum minister himself.

And the real reason for fuel hike is the unimaginable debts which were created by Congress during their tenure.

The Congress which is responsible for this huge mess is today pretending to be saints and are creating disruption in the name of Bharat Bandh and Protest. Rahul Gandhi should be reminded that in 10 years of Congress rule, there was a whopping RS 47 hike in petrol prices. But in Modi government’s rule, there has been Rs 4-5 hike in 4.5 years.

But this was not the end, the Congress workers have targeted private vehicles of common citizens with stones and sticks just to create panic and project the Bandh was successful

There were also reports on attack on trains by Congress workers who were seen throwing stones targeting innocent passengers.

The worst part was, the so called protestors have attacked a school bus in Mumbai. It is unfortunate that in our country these goons destroy public property in the name of protests and bandhs. Only criminals can go to an extent of attacking school buses of innocent children and claim it to be freedom of speech and expression.

This is the real scenario of how these Bandh and protests are misused by political parties. The ultimate sufferers are only innocent people and common man who have to bear these criminals and goons.

The court will have to take suo moto action against the unruly behavior of Congress party workers or anyone who destroys public property and troubles commoners for their political gimmicks.
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