No Relationship Is Perfect …..My… Love

Sarika Tewari

Calling any relationship the perfect one is merely a fantasy.Two seemingly similar individuals may have a disastrous chemistry , whereas two people who look different may have found the right key to a harmonious relationship. Perfection is not what one seeks from a relationship. Rather, it is a continuous journey towards maintaining a fine balance; of reaching a point where both partners are able to meet at the middle path. Differences in a relationship may arise due to various factors; however, instead of letting these small issues affect your relationship, focus on signs that bring out the purity of your relationship.

Support during Hard Times

It is easier to be happy during happier times, but difficult to smile during the storms, which can only happen where there is pure love.
Any relationship is at its best when you reach a point where you trust your partner enough to completely let your guard down.The purity of your love comes to the fore when one of you is totally down in the dumps and the other person stands by your side with rock-solid support.

Don’t worry be Straightforward

If the only commonality between both of you is your love for each other, then worry not! If both of you are able to voice your opinions fearlessly, whether you agree with each other or not, this means that you both respect each other’s opinion and intelligence. You feel secure enough in the relationship to air your views at the risk of rubbing the other person the wrong way.

Respect your Love

You both may differ in many aspects, but will also put in honest efforts to accommodate each other in your respective lives, as well as live up to each other’s expectations. However, neither of you enforces that on the other – both of you eventually do it out of respect for each other as a person.

Silent Words

Absence of words is absolutely fine, not at all awkward
There are days where both of you may not converse with each other for hours, despite being at an arm’s length, while reading a book , just sitting in a random corner or just going about your household chores, yet there’ll be a sense of peace and calm in whatever you do.
Everything in a relationship need not necessarily be spelled out. When you begin to understand each other’s needs and necessities even before being asked for, then your relationship has reached the level of maturity required to strengthen it further.

Accept Your New Version

Sometimes you may be surprised, of late, at the number of occasions your short-tempered-self has managed to remain calm, when you could have easily lost it instead?
Or the number of chores you’ve handled all by yourself?
If you’ve been discovering a new side to you, a side that is far more patient, independent, and capable of taking responsibilities, then you owe it to your relationship. It’s only when two people are truly in love that they eventually imbibe these qualities to maintain their relationship – which means the world to them.
Of course exceptions do exist.

The Child In You

You don’t think twice before you jump into that puddle, smear cake into each other’s face or fight over a board game. When you are at ease with doing things with your partner that are otherwise considered child-like, it speaks volumes about the purity of your relationship.

A Respectable Space

This is the biggest sign of the purity of your love, where you both don’t try to step into each other’s space and understand the fact that pursuing your dreams and ambitions will never rob you of your love. You may not be able to dedicate as much time to each other as you’d wish, but also accept that a part of one will continue to remain with the other despite the lapses.

I think you are already able to relate to some or most of the above points to you However, these signs are not necessarily a yardstick to measure every relationship. Every relationship has different dynamics; but love, patience, and understanding lie at the core of each one.

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