With the arrest of youth Chandigarh police successfully solved snatching cases


Chandigarh                                                                                                                                                                                        01.09.2018

Chandigarh police achieved a success to work out the snatching case occurred in Sector 22 Chandigarh by the team under the supervision of Sh. Krishan Kumar, SDPO Central Division, lead by SHO-17 and I/C PP-22 with police party by the arrest of accused Varun Chaudhary S/o Suresh Kumar R/o H. No. 17, Type-13 JEF, PGI, Sector-12 Chandigarh Age-21 years alongwith one juvenile
During interrogation of accused Varun Chaudhary, case FIR No. 242 dated 21.07.18 U/s 379,356,411 IPC PS-17 has been worked out with recovery of mobile phone and purse. Both were produced before the Hon’ble court, juvenile was sent to Juvenile home and one day police remand of accused Varun Chaudhary was obtained. During remand he revealed that in the year of 2015 he was arrested in four snatching cases in Chandigarh. He further confessed that he along with said juvenile committed snatchings on a blue color pulsar M/Cycle before the Month of July-2018. They committed 03 snatchings in different Police Stations of Chandigarh and 01 in Phase-6 Mohali (PB). These snatching confessed by him are being verified. M/cycle involved in snatching cases, which in now in accidental condition at Mohali was also taken into police possession. He is on police remand and more recovery or snatching cases could be affected.
Recovered Item:-
Xolo Mobile Phone Duel SIM, Purse & Blue Pulsar M/Cycle
Profile of accused:-
Varun Chaudhary S/o Suresh Kumar R/o H. No. 17, Type-13 JEF, PGI, Sector-12 Chandigarh Age -21 year, Qualification- 12th, Un-married, unemployed.
One Juvenile
Previous History of accused Varun Chaudhary:
FIR No. 34/23.01.15 U/s 356,379,411,34 IPC PS-11
FIR No. 114/16.03.15 U/s 356,379,411,34 IPC PS-11
FIR No. 73/27.02.15 U/s 356,379,411,34 IPC PS-17
FIR No. 94/28.02.15 U/s 356,379 IPC PS-26

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